Masquerade me

Ever have one of those moments where you think "this isnt just a coincedence, this was meant to happen!" ?? Well I did, on Saturday.

I was at a Masquerade party (which was cool in itself) and I met a couple who had lived in Vancouver for 3 months a year or so ago. They were so enthusiastic about the country and my trip and it just gave me a buzz. They gave me great insight into an Aussie's side of things and I learnt some valuable info.

I am now at the single digit stage, just about 9 weeks until I leave! Time is flying past and I am trying to run with it. I havent slept much the last few days, I have so much on my mind. I am trying to organise my homestay experience and that is proving harder than I first thought, but I'm still going! Dont count me out yet.

It's Australia Day today! Yay! I wonder which country I will be in next Australia Day??!


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