My last page of chapter 26.

I mentioned to a friend recently that you know you're getting older when you start saying thankyou when people say you look a lot younger than you really are. When I was in my early twenties and people said I looked 16 it made me grimace. The other week someone said she thought I was 18 and I said thankyou. I guess now I'm fast approaching 27 that time has arrived for me. Today is my last day of being 26 and tomorrow begins a new chapter. The 27th chapter (or is it technically 28th?) in the book of my life is going to be wonderful!!  

I can vividly remember my 26th birthday as a few weeks earlier I had broken up with my ex boyfriend and also fallen out with two people who were at the time two of my best friends. I was pretty lost for a while but as with every hurdle and downward spiral in my life I got back up and came out of it stronger and wiser. Every situation has a lesson, some can be painful to learn but all are worthy. My other friends encouraged me to still go out, so about 7 of us had dinner at a little tibetan restaurant in northcote. It was lovely.

This year I dont have any of that drama going on – and I have the impending overseas adventure to look forward to. My brother's wedding is in 2 weeks and I still cant quite believe it. I'm sure it will be great though! My wedding reading is complete and I am happy with it, if all goes well I might share it later!

Have a great weekend!

p.s less than 8 weeks to go!


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