Rain washes things clean

It rained a little bit this morning, so I wanted to take a photo while the drops were still falling. It’s amazing how nature gets refreshed and renewed from a little rain. Just like the feeling after you have a drink of water when you’re thirsty. Nice!!

Do you like my masquerade mask? I thought it’d make a nice prop with the setting. I made this mask for Kristy’s party. It didnt take too long, but I was worried about the beads falling off! Luckily the glue stuck really well and it stayed in place all night. This is one of the outfits I’ll be leaving at home after my third repack! I wanted to get another wear out of it because I do love it. Truth be told this is actually the first time I have worn the dress as it was waiting to be fixed in one of my creative bursts. The dress is vintage, and it had huge bell sleeves which I cut off so I could wear it with a long sleeved tops underneath (like the stripey one in this photo). Then I sewed (not too badly) where I’d cut the sleeves to give it more protection.

Every now and then I have a brainwave about an outfit I have gotten and I’ll cut it or sew something on it or just take it apart. Sometimes it works really well and other times… well it finds the bin! I love being creative!

You may have noticed that I love my dresses! That is mostly what I wear, but I do have some skirts and pants too. I just find it easier to wear mix and match outfits with dresses. Then you can choose a contrasting top or vest or cardi or tights and work it together! I think with packing now I have narrowed down my dresses to under 10, that was hard!! Haha. I accomplished my to do list yesterday – sold my car and bought an overnight bag. Packing is 99% finished! YAY!

So… three sleeps until I get on that plane and head off to Japan – and in a week I’ll be in Vancouver, Canada! It is still slightly surreal, but very exciting! I also got my international driving permit today, so I can drive on the wrong side of the road overseas if I want! hahaha. That will be a little scary and very interesting. Just thinking about all the adventures I will have makes me smile, I cant wait!!
If you see a lost Aussie wandering around and perhaps carrying way too many bags then come and say hi!! 🙂


Fields of gold

Time for another flickr find, and yes – another one from this talented photographer! I love how alive the photo feels.

Dandelion Fields – by Brandon C Warren. Click here to see more of his work!

On another note – I have packed and unpacked and taken stuff out and then repacked 3 times now, so hopefully it is third time lucky!! hahaha. My suitcase is almost at my weight limit, so now I need to get a good overnight bag as the one I had been using cant be locked. Today I have to sell my car, change my postal address on everything, get that overnight bag, copy all of my important files onto cd, go to the bank and get a printout of my balance to show Canadian immigration for my visa.


yep, thats my tree.

Wow, what a day! As time passes by and my countdown gets shorter and shorter more connections are happening! Last night my two lovely friends Linda & Stephen drove down from Brunswick to have dinner with me. It took them two hours in traffic, and I am so glad they could make it! I feel blessed that people want to fit in one last meet (after the official one I already had) before I head overseas. It means a lot!

And today meant a lot too! My favourite Aunty and Uncle (Gail and John) had a luncheon for me – Uncle John told me I could invite whoever I wanted. I thought it’d be nice to just have a small family gathering in the spirit of our regular meets. My family is only quite small anyway, so it was perfect! We had delicious food, lots of laughter and good conversation, great company and amazing dessert! I bought two small cakes from Houghtons fine foods – INCREDIBLE!! They were just perfect and you know how I love my desserts! Hehe. I wish I had taken a photo to show you all. I got the chocolate ganache tart and a blueberry & raspberry ricotta tart. To die for!

Just a short one to say thanks to all who came along – I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life (and even luckier to call them family!). With all the well wishes I have received I know everything is going to be amazing!!!
6 sleeps to go!

I still havent finished packing yet – I have too many clothes that I just LOVE and am finding it hard to part with! But I know that I have to fit it all in and leave room for anything I buy on the way! Haha. Thats what I’ll be doing tomorrow I think! Why is it so hard to decide?!!

Hey lady, I like your dress!

Yesterday was magical! I got to spend the day with my numero uno bestest buddy Kristy – she took the train an hour and a half from the city to meet me at the nearest station and then I drove us around. The weather man said it would be 29 degrees celcius, but the morning was so cold I didnt agree. I was wrong! haha. I ended up having to strip off my jeans and long sleeve top – which left me in my dress. And guess who was wearing the same dress, but in another color? Yep, Kristy. Great minds eh? Hehehe.

After a lovely lunch I took Kristy down to my local beach in Dromana.

Boy that sun was warm! If the water wasnt so cold we may have even jumped in!

Hey Kristy, nice dress! Hehehe. So we went for a little frolicking in the water and walked along to the pier.

The pier is really special for me for several reasons – the biggest one being that when my beloved pop Clyde passed away 5 years ago we granted his wish and threw his ashes off the end and into the ocean. Every time I see the beach I’m reminded of him and what a great grandfather he was.
Next stop was Seawinds Park at Arthurs Seat. This is my fave place and where I like to go to contemplate the world.

I could stand there and watch the world all day! Luckily the gardens were so much cooler, so we chillaxed in the shade for a while.

Kristy said “ooh look, its all the types of trees you’ll see in canada!” I smiled.

I tried to soak up every moment that I could, knowing that this would be the last time I’d see Kris in quite a while. She is such a wonderful person and I have been blessed to have her in my life.

After much talking she mentioned she had always wanted to go to a maze and had never been! It was a dream of hers! Well I was here to make her wish come true! Lets go Kristy!!

Look how excited she is!!! Hahaha. Sooo cute! I’d been to this place several times before so it was nice to go again and pretend we were kids!

Kristy just gets me like no-one else can. We are both crazy fools! haha. I made her jump the barrier to get this shot – isnt it gold!!!

We had such a fun day (in our matching dresses) that I will always treasure! Kristy gave me such great advice about travelling overseas (she backpacked around europe a few years ago). I hope that I get some interesting stories like the ones she tells me all the time! She certainly has a way with words!

She left me with a beautiful card and quote that I might share later. Thanks Kristy, for everything!! xx

wear this, where this?

Dun nun nuuuuun.
Time for another self outfit post. Naturally I am kidding myself in thinking these posts are all that informative and interesting but hey, I amuse myself hehe. Forgive my photo taking skills, still working on getting that tripod!

I find that taking photos outside makes everything look much more fun!

I cant believe how long my hair has gotten! I have been growing it for a while and am loving the length! I also put a little red tint in it (which as usual didnt come out anywhere near as red as the box!) haha.

I love how sepia or black and white just add something unusual to photos.

cardigan – target
dress – vintage
jeans – sportsgirl

I’m loving this interesting vintage dress. It has so many colors that it matches with everything! I wasnt going to take it away with me but after wearing it today I feel like I might be changing my mind! haha. Although mum says it reminds her of an apron but sometimes she doesnt get my sense of style! hahaha. I actually donated about 2 garbage bags full of clothes to the salvation army and op shops that I just havent worn and got from work over the years. Gotta love a good cause, and I am a big believer in karma!
Hope you have a lovely day!

To do list

The clock is ticking down and my adventure is fast approaching! Mum told me that I have been talking about it for so long she just wants it to happen already! I said, “thanks mum – if I was more sensitive I’d think you werent going to miss me.” She said.. well you get the idea anyway. This trip has been in the works in its rawest form since August and since then has just been building and growing and forming.
In 10 days I will say goodbye to the life and people I know and fly off by myself to Tokyo. I’ll stay there for the night and then get the train down to Kyoto for 2 nights. After that I will get the train back to Tokyo and then fly onto Vancouver -where my new life begins! I have a working holiday visa and I have no idea what I’ll end up doing – but isnt it exciting?!!
I have so many things that I want to do, so what better way to remember that than making a to do list for my trip! Any other suggestions about what I should add would be appreciated.


– see a geisha in Japan
– do karaoke in Kyoto
– see a monk in a temple in Kyoto
– walk through the cherry blossoms in Kyoto
– try real sushi in Japan
– walk through the traffic in Tokyo
– watch the tokyo lights from the rooftop of roppongi hills.
– see all the sights in Vancouver
– try some real maple syrup
– go for a hike in the forest
– go thrifting for vintage with Maya
– try the blueberry bread on Granville island that Sabine mentioned
– visit some traditional first nations sites
– learn to snowboard or ski
– see some local wildlife -bears, wolves, orca, moose, deer, raccoons, squirrels etc!!
– go on a roadtrip to banff
– do the traditional halloween and thanksgiving and a white christmas!
– see a hockey match with the canucks
– take a train journey to U.S.A
– make a visit to montreal!
– go to a real diner and try some sweet pies – key lime, pecan, pumpkin hehehe.
– eat some real macaroons
– meet a real mountie

That’ll do for now! haha. You may notice that many of those feature food – I’m a sucker for sweets!! I think I’ll pin this onto one of my pages so you can see as I tick off the things I have done!

This isnt going to be easy – I dont doubt that! But I do know that it will be an amazing adventure and I will meet some incredible people. I will learn and grow and see so much!! That will make it all worth it. I’m doing something that many people dont give themselves a chance to do – but I dont want to look back in regret. I have to do this for myself because you know what? I deserve it. And so do you!

What is on your to do list?

a beautiful day

Man, I love the mornington peninsula so much. It is my home town -and it never fails to amaze me. I went for a lazy walk down the beach and along to the marina to take some photos.

This is the local beach that we usually swim at. It’s so busy in summer!! It’s one of those annoying things for the locals, when its warm enough to swim everyone comes down for the holidays but you put up with it because – well look at the ocean!!

There are even quite a few beachboxes around, so that’s pretty cool too.

The Marina is only fairly new, I reckon it was built about 5 years ago maybe? Anyway it has been interesting seeing it from the beginning to what it is today. I am hoping they put in a restaurant around there because it would be so pretty.

Most of the properties are huge and they feature a private dock, so as you can imagine they sold for a lot of money. Nice to look though! Haha.

It has been so nice to spend the last week back home with mum.

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