self help

Hello there!!

You may have noticed that I’m having a bit of trouble with the self shots. I really need a tripod or something like that to make it a little easier. And while I’m at it, a nicer camera would be good too but hey, I’m a patient girl!

I bought some Macaroons yesterday (a real rarity over here and my first real try!) and I waited until today to eat them so I could share them with Mum, so I dont know if they tasted exactly how they were meant to taste. Were they meant to be that crunchy or were they a little stale? Anyway, they were still nice.

I am looking forward to a long weekend! I just want to relax and maybe go for a nice walk and that kind of thing. Oh, good news – I got my US Visa approved- so that means that when I get to Vancouver I can take the train down to Seattle, Washington or even Portland OR if  a cheap flight comes up maybe I’ll even go visit New York??!! Exciting! I have so many trips I want to do. Montreal Comedy Festival? Maybe I can!! 🙂

OOH more good news is that tomorrow I will have a shot of me wearing THE vintage 50’s dress – with my special handmade australian vintage shoes (that are a small size 8 and  just a liiiiittle too small for me to really wear).

Happy Friday to all.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. annie
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 08:26:59

    That dress fits you perfectly! Beautiful shots.


  2. maya
    Mar 09, 2010 @ 05:41:10

    I have a tripod- we can shoot some pictures together when you get into town!


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