A distinctive sound

I had a moment the other day. You know those moments when you hear a certain song and it grabs you, it literally knocks you right off your chair. You know that you have heard it before somewhere and it affected you back then too but for the life of you you can’t quite place the wheres or the whens. So you just sit there, on the floor, and listen to this hauntingly beautiful song. For a few moments, somehow, your life has changed. And then the song finishes and the light disappears, and if you are lucky it leaves you with a glimpse. You have a few words to google or a melody to hum to someone else for investigation. Yes, that all happened to me, and I found the song. I remembered where I had heard it, and I was able to get the album.

The song was called ‘Let Go’ by Frou Frou -and it was in one of my all time fave movies ‘Garden State’. And the album? It is magical.


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  1. and flowers pick themselves
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 08:04:21

    frou frou is very hit and miss for me, but i love “let go”. i mean, how can you not? it captures that pensive, displaced feeling so perfectly.

    xo Alison


    • Alesha
      Mar 12, 2010 @ 08:14:19

      Yeeeah “let go” is perfection. I will agree that there are a couple of songs that I didnt instantly love on the album, but then again there were several that I did. It might be a case of letting the others grow on a slow build kinda thing. Overall though I would rate it highly. I find it a little hard sometimes to get an album that you love every track 100%


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