a long farewell – part two

My friends are the best! So yes, Friday night I had my going away dinner at de los santos spanish tapas restaurant in fitzroy. It was such a good night! Even though some of my friends didnt know each other everyone got on really well, there was much laughter and discussion amongst the group. I’ve never been one of those people who has lots of close friends, I have been burnt many times and have learnt to choose my close pals wisely. Every single person who came along has been an important part of my life and I feel blessed to know them.

My bestie Kristy took that photo, so unfortunately she isnt in it – but here is one of us together.

I didnt get any real photos of the food but it was amazing! They just kept bringing it out! Cheese balls, chorizo sausage salad, roast potatos, calamari, bread, more salad, frittata and more stuff I cant even remember! Then they finished with churros and choc dipping sauce. My churros came out with a sparkler on them too, which was way too cool. Thankyou, my lovely friends!!

It isnt often that you find people who you can chat about the weather to, and then in the next minute talk about how society is degrading itself in its endless search for perfection. Oh yes, we can go deep when we want to.

I think sometimes you have to go through crap and be let down and walked upon to really pick yourself up and appreciate realness and truth when you see it. I know what real friends are. I have been there and I know.

So it is going to be hard to leave my beautiful friends, but I love the fact that they can keep up to date with my adventures in this blog and we have email and skype too!

Here’s to strengthening old friendships and creating new ones along the way!!


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