Late night craziness in Kyoto

Good morning, my friends!! I had a lazy, slightly crazy night last night and before I run off to breakfast I wanted to tell you about it. I was so worn out after my big day of walking that I decided to get room service and watch a bit of Japanese tv.
There wasnt much choice on the menu, and as usual with room service the fees were slightly up. I decided to stick with something I knew after the lunch episode so this is what I ordered!

Now I know it wasnt too Japanese but boy let me tell you how delicious it was! I ate them all. Yep, every one. I even ate most of the ‘spicy avocado salad’ too. Japanese tv is interesting to watch! I couldnt understand what they were saying but there seems to be so many game shows that I didnt know about! I had heard that they were big over here though. The only english language tv station was BBC news – and after an hr of that you get pretty sick of it. So I turned the tv off and decided to go to bed early. After an hr of trying to sleep my mind was racing over today, yesterday and all the things I’d done and had planned to do. I couldnt sleep, so I decided to get up and try on the complimentary ‘dressing gown’ and slippers they provide you with. And yes, then I took some photos. Here is one of me trying to do a karate chop. Yep, I’m a dork. It’s not news to me! haha.

So after some playing around I went back to bed and got a good sleep. I’m in for a crazy day today. After checking out of the hotel I have a few trains to catch and then I’ll get to the airport and pick up my suitcase and then get on the plane to Vancouver. You can expect a big post once I get there! Hopefully everything goes well but I know one thing – and thats that it’ll be an adventure! And what an adventure it has been so far!!


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