hello sunshine and biting wind

Ok, so I woke up this morning and opened the blinds and you know what I saw? SUNSHINE! Glorious sunshine. I actually said “Sunshine!!!!” out loud and smiled to myself. Hehe. And then I went out exploring and here was the view from across the road.

Pretty amazing eh? I dont know that I am ever going to get used to that view. It really takes your breath away. After I’d stopped staring and taking photos I got on the bus and headed downtown. I had an info session about getting work and working holiday visas and all that kinda fun stuff – it was pretty informative actually so I have a few things to work on!

Then I got some lunch in the food court and I tried some mexican! I got a burrito thingy I forget what it was actually called but it had black beans and beef and rice and salsa and medium sauce in it and it was YUM! Loving the mexicana!

I stepped out of the side of the building and saw this.

Yeah, I know. What can I say?
I wandered down the road and stumbled across this building I had actually wanted to see.

See the tall round one? Thats it. It’s called the Harbour Centre and the top is the Vancouver Lookout (which also has a restaurant on the top level that I didnt go see).
The lift ride up is pretty scary as the glass looks out onto the street and I had a few moments of unease when going up by myself. You could see everything!!!

Just breathtaking isnt it!

And that over there is north vancouver, where I’ll be living from tomorrow (if all goes well).

Then after I hopped off the bus I got one more shot of this beautiful day.

Oh one more thing – I watched a show on tv last night called unmistaken child. It was about buddhism and how when one high lama passes away they find signs that he has been reincarnated and go to find the young boy the spirit is now in. It follows closely the journey of Tenzin Zopa, who was the deceased high Lama’s close disciple and friend – and his hard and unwanted search. Being very interested in buddhism, I found this incredible to watch. It really struck a note in my core and made me think about a few things. It reminded me of when I saw the dalai lama speak and made me want to go to some more meetings. If you’re into that kind of thing then I recommend watching it.


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