Anyone for a float? Lunch at a diner!

The other day I got to fulfil another one of my goals and eat lunch at an almost proper “diner”.
Ed and I met up for a rainy day movie (date night -it was funny!) and then headed down for some food to Hamburger Mary’s Diner in Vancouver. It was all decked out!!

I was tempted by the root beer float but seeings the title combines beer, which I think is gross, and root (potato?) I passed. Instead I got a cola float, I dont normally do cola but it was authentic so I went with it. Ed got a milkshake.

It wasnt too bad, I think next time I’ll try the root beer. Ed says its a bit like sasperella.

And then for lunch!!

The portions were HUGE! I got a patty melt with chips (fries) haha I still refuse to call them fries when I order them. They’re chips! And it’s tomato sauce! hahaha. And ed got a steak sandwich.
It was good!!! It needed beetroot though 🙂

I got a pic of Ed before he got one of me! haha. And yes, this time he beat me to the punch on writing this up on his blog. Nicely done. It’s always fun to catch up with Ed – he’s an interesting guy.
Later on I headed down to Park Gate and joined Ed for a free yoga session ran by his friend. It was good, but a bit advanced for me. There is no way I can do the crane!!

I felt like if I did I was going to break my wrist. I really have no muscles, but I do enjoy yoga. Haha.

So the week of really nice weather has died and now it seems to be back to cold, rainy and windy. I’ll post about the taping of the tv show I got to go along to last night a bit later.

Hope your week is going well!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. and flowers pick themselves
    May 20, 2010 @ 16:53:32

    love that neon pic, alesha. have a lovely day!

    xo Alison


  2. Cristina
    May 21, 2010 @ 09:31:56

    Wow! I want to start to learn some yoga.. no way I can do this right now LOL



    • Alesha
      May 21, 2010 @ 10:07:33

      You should! It’s a great workout and builds strength but also calms you.
      Some of the poses are a bit hard though when you’re starting off! ahaha


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