hello sunshine and biting wind

Ok, so I woke up this morning and opened the blinds and you know what I saw? SUNSHINE! Glorious sunshine. I actually said “Sunshine!!!!” out loud and smiled to myself. Hehe. And then I went out exploring and here was the view from across the road.

Pretty amazing eh? I dont know that I am ever going to get used to that view. It really takes your breath away. After I’d stopped staring and taking photos I got on the bus and headed downtown. I had an info session about getting work and working holiday visas and all that kinda fun stuff – it was pretty informative actually so I have a few things to work on!

Then I got some lunch in the food court and I tried some mexican! I got a burrito thingy I forget what it was actually called but it had black beans and beef and rice and salsa and medium sauce in it and it was YUM! Loving the mexicana!

I stepped out of the side of the building and saw this.

Yeah, I know. What can I say?
I wandered down the road and stumbled across this building I had actually wanted to see.

See the tall round one? Thats it. It’s called the Harbour Centre and the top is the Vancouver Lookout (which also has a restaurant on the top level that I didnt go see).
The lift ride up is pretty scary as the glass looks out onto the street and I had a few moments of unease when going up by myself. You could see everything!!!

Just breathtaking isnt it!

And that over there is north vancouver, where I’ll be living from tomorrow (if all goes well).

Then after I hopped off the bus I got one more shot of this beautiful day.

Oh one more thing – I watched a show on tv last night called unmistaken child. It was about buddhism and how when one high lama passes away they find signs that he has been reincarnated and go to find the young boy the spirit is now in. It follows closely the journey of Tenzin Zopa, who was the deceased high Lama’s close disciple and friend – and his hard and unwanted search. Being very interested in buddhism, I found this incredible to watch. It really struck a note in my core and made me think about a few things. It reminded me of when I saw the dalai lama speak and made me want to go to some more meetings. If you’re into that kind of thing then I recommend watching it.


Fields of gold

Time for another flickr find, and yes – another one from this talented photographer! I love how alive the photo feels.

Dandelion Fields – by Brandon C Warren. Click here to see more of his work!

On another note – I have packed and unpacked and taken stuff out and then repacked 3 times now, so hopefully it is third time lucky!! hahaha. My suitcase is almost at my weight limit, so now I need to get a good overnight bag as the one I had been using cant be locked. Today I have to sell my car, change my postal address on everything, get that overnight bag, copy all of my important files onto cd, go to the bank and get a printout of my balance to show Canadian immigration for my visa.


yep, thats my tree.

Wow, what a day! As time passes by and my countdown gets shorter and shorter more connections are happening! Last night my two lovely friends Linda & Stephen drove down from Brunswick to have dinner with me. It took them two hours in traffic, and I am so glad they could make it! I feel blessed that people want to fit in one last meet (after the official one I already had) before I head overseas. It means a lot!

And today meant a lot too! My favourite Aunty and Uncle (Gail and John) had a luncheon for me – Uncle John told me I could invite whoever I wanted. I thought it’d be nice to just have a small family gathering in the spirit of our regular meets. My family is only quite small anyway, so it was perfect! We had delicious food, lots of laughter and good conversation, great company and amazing dessert! I bought two small cakes from Houghtons fine foods – INCREDIBLE!! They were just perfect and you know how I love my desserts! Hehe. I wish I had taken a photo to show you all. I got the chocolate ganache tart and a blueberry & raspberry ricotta tart. To die for!

Just a short one to say thanks to all who came along – I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life (and even luckier to call them family!). With all the well wishes I have received I know everything is going to be amazing!!!
6 sleeps to go!

I still havent finished packing yet – I have too many clothes that I just LOVE and am finding it hard to part with! But I know that I have to fit it all in and leave room for anything I buy on the way! Haha. Thats what I’ll be doing tomorrow I think! Why is it so hard to decide?!!

no more reports on a monday

Hello! I still have a little backlog of posts, but I’m trying to filter them through slowly so I dont overwhelm everyone! hahaha.
Monday was my last day at work!! What a strange feeling! I am usually one of the first few people in there in the morning, and I always love that time of day (almost as much as home time or lunch time -free food!haha). It is just so quiet and full of promise. I guess I’m a morning person -or maybe I have just become one! I’ve been at this office for 2 years in various roles and with the company for over 6 years all up. It has been fun!!
Check out my desk 😉

Yes, I have a wide variety of peoples photos on my wall- I guess I like a wide variety of people! Hahaha. And dont hold that photo of you know who against me 😛 Hehehe. Anyway, I have made some amazing friends working here (some of whom came along to my Farewell dinner the other night) and it has been good for me.

Check out the other side of my desk!

You can see one of my creature creations that I’ll be posting a proper blog about soon! It’s a racoon! Haha.

The head boss lady is into art, so the office has different installations and such (and its own art gallery just for staff)- this light near my desk is one of my faves.

So at 3pm I was called for a little afternoon tea and presented with flowers, cake and a big card with a gift voucher to buy some travel goods (I still need a power adapter and locks). Aww! I was so glad to see some of my lovely friends from other departments come along too! Thanks to Lucy, Amy, Jess & Linda 🙂

I think the three most common phrases with everyone else was how jealous they are, how much fun I am going to have and how I need to find a hot canadian boyfriend. People and their priorities! Hahahaha. Hilarious! Here’s a photo of the card.

It was really surreal saying bye to everyone, I dont think it is really going to hit me until I am at the airport.
Happy travels!

Walk with me

This morning we went for a drive to get out of the house. Those are some pretty clouds!

We went up to the lake and I walked around to take some photos. There were so many families out feeding the ducks and enjoying the day off!

It’s the first month of Autumn over here, and the weather has started to get a little colder already! There has been a fair amount of much needed rain the last few days. I sat on the little dock and watched the world go by for a little while. I really love nature, but I just dont get out there enough. I’m making it my goal to do more outside.

I love the colors in the moss on the wood! It makes it look really old, I wonder what stories it’d tell if you asked nicely.

We drove back via the beach road. It’s such a lovely area.

Hope your weekend was lots of fun!

self help

Hello there!!

You may have noticed that I’m having a bit of trouble with the self shots. I really need a tripod or something like that to make it a little easier. And while I’m at it, a nicer camera would be good too but hey, I’m a patient girl!

I bought some Macaroons yesterday (a real rarity over here and my first real try!) and I waited until today to eat them so I could share them with Mum, so I dont know if they tasted exactly how they were meant to taste. Were they meant to be that crunchy or were they a little stale? Anyway, they were still nice.

I am looking forward to a long weekend! I just want to relax and maybe go for a nice walk and that kind of thing. Oh, good news – I got my US Visa approved- so that means that when I get to Vancouver I can take the train down to Seattle, Washington or even Portland OR if  a cheap flight comes up maybe I’ll even go visit New York??!! Exciting! I have so many trips I want to do. Montreal Comedy Festival? Maybe I can!! 🙂

OOH more good news is that tomorrow I will have a shot of me wearing THE vintage 50’s dress – with my special handmade australian vintage shoes (that are a small size 8 and  just a liiiiittle too small for me to really wear).

Happy Friday to all.

I love my city

..and I love my town. I have been lucky enough to live and work near the city (Melbourne) during the week and then come and stay with mum down the coast on the weekend for a while now and I love it!! With my departure coming quickly I have been appreciating the best of both worlds, and would like to share some of my fave photos of the areas.

* Sunset at Dromana in summer. I remember salty sand, cold water and yummy icecreams. Growing up near the beach was a wonderful thing, and weekly family fish and chips every friday night after a swim.

My pics 005

* My fave view – Seawinds gardens. Many a time over the years I could be found sitting on a blanket, with a picnic and just enjoying nature. With a view like that it really helps to put things into perspective.


*Melbourne – this is a shot of the iconic trams and flinders st station. I remember growing up down the coast – an hr and a half from the city – it always filled me with awe to go to the city. Everything was so exciting, and busy, and there was a real pulse and atmosphere. I still see that now.


I love new adventures, and exploring around new areas. You never know what amazing things you will discover!

I hope that everyday is a new and fun adventure for you!

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