Plans and news and stuff.

Hello!! Just thought I’d shoot off a quick post to update on my news.
It’s been very quiet on the Australian friends front. Hope everyone is ok.
I just booked a trip to Portland, Oregon for 4 days from the 16th August.
I am going to see the swell season play in stanley park on I think its 23rd August.
And then I’ll be arriving home in Australia on 28th August. I cant believe I only have 4 weeks left in Vancouver, it has been so amazing and such a wonderful trip.
I have learnt and grown and just.. wow. This is something everyone should do.
Next year I’m planning another trip – this time to Europe!!!
Thats about it, folks.


Mighty are the fallen

This was taken on one of my photo exploration walks around my street and complexes.

I have felt myself drawing away from my blog lately and find myself drawn more to flickr and photography. I’m really into this 365 day challenge now. I love taking photos and then coming home to look at them and edit them and post them on flickr. It’s a great community of inspiring and supportive and creative people. So if you dont hear from me much just head over there and say hi.

Oh and I watched ‘into the wild’ for the first time last night and it hit home a lot of things for me.

the things that make me happy

the things that make me happy

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Got this today, it made me so happy! Since being here I have gotten 2 letters, 2 cards and now 2 parcels. THATS AWESOME!!! I love my friends and family.

the curse of the blogger

I need to stop looking at my blog views and reader country list and wondering why so many people just read and dont comment and remember why I started this blog in the first place. Yes, it was in part to meet new people and show my friends/family what I’m doing whilst away but a big part of it was for myself. I didnt go into it thinking that if I dont get people commenting it’d be a big deal, but somehow it has turned into one.

I think that the thing for me is that when I know people from back home are reading and keeping up to date I am happy, but I dont know who exactly is reading and what is happening in their lives. They walk away feeling in contact with me and all filled in on my life but I never know. I dont even know that they’ve checked in on me unless they comment. Or send me a private email! Either way, I want to know what is happening in your lives too!! This was never supposed to be a selfish one way communication. It was about sharing – and that goes both ways!!

The thing I miss the most about home (apart from the weather) is my family and friends. In all of my life I can honestly say that I havent had a better bunch of friends than I do now. Every one of my friends has been hand picked, tested, challenged and appreciated. And my family? Well they know how strange I can be and they love me for it.

((some family shots not uploaded due to request -but imagine Mum, my bro and sis in law also here))

They are a big chunk of the heart and soul of my life in Australia. I feel like I am being a bad friend as I am not in as much contact as I’d like to be, but each time I write a blog I feel like I send them an email with my news. I kinda feel like in a way I have to pause my life back in Australia and hope when I get home and press play they will all still be there. I have this fear now and then that they’ll all find better friends and forget about me. I know it’s silly, but thats me sometimes. I know that friendship isnt about comments, or emails – its about the truth. It’s about the actions and not the words.

Anyway, I have realised that even though everything you see can be totally different in a new country the people and underlying issues remain the same. Friendship is so important, never forget to take the time to tell someone how much you care!

I have been lucky enough to make a few new friends whilst being in Canada too, and I cherish them equally. Sometimes I stand there, in my silent world, and I think “gee I am boring. I cant even think of anything interesting to say. How can anyone want to spend time with me?” But they do. They keep inviting me out, and I am so grateful for that. My social skills leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes I ramble on and sometimes I just sit there blankly. I dont have all the answers, and thats not always a bad thing.

So on a news front I’ll be going to Vancouver Island for the Victoria Day long weekend (which I just found out is to honour Queen Victoria’s birthday) so I am excited about that – adventure and new discoveries await. I have booked a whale watching trip, so fingers crossed I get to see some Orcas and cross that off the list too! Not sure if I’ll be blogging from there or not, will see how I go. Might take a break, but then again…

Take care and happy adventuring!!

To do list

The clock is ticking down and my adventure is fast approaching! Mum told me that I have been talking about it for so long she just wants it to happen already! I said, “thanks mum – if I was more sensitive I’d think you werent going to miss me.” She said.. well you get the idea anyway. This trip has been in the works in its rawest form since August and since then has just been building and growing and forming.
In 10 days I will say goodbye to the life and people I know and fly off by myself to Tokyo. I’ll stay there for the night and then get the train down to Kyoto for 2 nights. After that I will get the train back to Tokyo and then fly onto Vancouver -where my new life begins! I have a working holiday visa and I have no idea what I’ll end up doing – but isnt it exciting?!!
I have so many things that I want to do, so what better way to remember that than making a to do list for my trip! Any other suggestions about what I should add would be appreciated.


– see a geisha in Japan
– do karaoke in Kyoto
– see a monk in a temple in Kyoto
– walk through the cherry blossoms in Kyoto
– try real sushi in Japan
– walk through the traffic in Tokyo
– watch the tokyo lights from the rooftop of roppongi hills.
– see all the sights in Vancouver
– try some real maple syrup
– go for a hike in the forest
– go thrifting for vintage with Maya
– try the blueberry bread on Granville island that Sabine mentioned
– visit some traditional first nations sites
– learn to snowboard or ski
– see some local wildlife -bears, wolves, orca, moose, deer, raccoons, squirrels etc!!
– go on a roadtrip to banff
– do the traditional halloween and thanksgiving and a white christmas!
– see a hockey match with the canucks
– take a train journey to U.S.A
– make a visit to montreal!
– go to a real diner and try some sweet pies – key lime, pecan, pumpkin hehehe.
– eat some real macaroons
– meet a real mountie

That’ll do for now! haha. You may notice that many of those feature food – I’m a sucker for sweets!! I think I’ll pin this onto one of my pages so you can see as I tick off the things I have done!

This isnt going to be easy – I dont doubt that! But I do know that it will be an amazing adventure and I will meet some incredible people. I will learn and grow and see so much!! That will make it all worth it. I’m doing something that many people dont give themselves a chance to do – but I dont want to look back in regret. I have to do this for myself because you know what? I deserve it. And so do you!

What is on your to do list?

self help

Hello there!!

You may have noticed that I’m having a bit of trouble with the self shots. I really need a tripod or something like that to make it a little easier. And while I’m at it, a nicer camera would be good too but hey, I’m a patient girl!

I bought some Macaroons yesterday (a real rarity over here and my first real try!) and I waited until today to eat them so I could share them with Mum, so I dont know if they tasted exactly how they were meant to taste. Were they meant to be that crunchy or were they a little stale? Anyway, they were still nice.

I am looking forward to a long weekend! I just want to relax and maybe go for a nice walk and that kind of thing. Oh, good news – I got my US Visa approved- so that means that when I get to Vancouver I can take the train down to Seattle, Washington or even Portland OR if  a cheap flight comes up maybe I’ll even go visit New York??!! Exciting! I have so many trips I want to do. Montreal Comedy Festival? Maybe I can!! 🙂

OOH more good news is that tomorrow I will have a shot of me wearing THE vintage 50’s dress – with my special handmade australian vintage shoes (that are a small size 8 and  just a liiiiittle too small for me to really wear).

Happy Friday to all.