Lighten up, loosen up and shake it out.

Ok so I know I’m still due for one last post about Vancouver Island but before I get to that I wanted to post this little bit for myself.

Dear you,
Stop taking things so seriously! You used to be so fun and crazy, dont lose that little spark of innocence and childlike wonder that you have kept for so long. It doesnt matter if you look silly. You ARE silly! Dont worry about people judging you. You can still have morals, manners and beliefs and act like a crazy fool sometimes. Thats what keeps you young. Never lose that. Always be true to you.
your inner child.


The youngest of minds, the biggest of imaginations

Ok, if you had have mentioned to me that I’d be writing a post about children then I would have knocked you over the head, but here I am and here it is.
Strange subject for me, yes.
I grew up as the youngest child – with an older brother and a few older cousins. Whenever we’d have family get togethers I’d run and hide behind the couch. I remember one birthday at mums old house I was going through a ‘no photographs of me’ stage, and when they surprised me with the flash I ran to my room and locked the door. I wouldnt let anyone in and I wouldnt come out. Mum had to entertain 5 girls by herself until the time came for their parents to pick them up. Looking back now I feel bad for mum but I did what I did – and if thats the worst of my rebelling then I was a saint!

Anyway, my point is that I didnt really grow up around young children. My only real experience with kids as an adult was when I’d see my cousins children at christmas or randomly meet a friend of a friends children. And so I find myself staying with a family that has a soon to be 5 year old boy. Needless to say I didnt know what to expect! To be completely honest I didnt know what to say or how to act. I’m learning too.

I dont know how my mum went and became a nanny overseas – to a family she didnt know and a language she was only learning. That’s brave!!

Kylan is a well rounded, spirited, funny and friendly little guy. In my time here I can only count on one hand the number of tantrums I have been witness too, so I think thats pretty darn good! Georgia and Tim, Kylans parents, are doing a great job. They instill in him important core values and they encourage him to be himself, they play with him and let him know he’s special. The funny thing we have worked out is that most of those tantrums have come after watching tv. Everything is great and then BAM out of nowhere comes an episode of alien kylan! It’s interesting when you get to see a child like that. Their whole body shakes, their little eyes run over with tears, they scream and scream and they thrash around like there’s something alien inside them. “I DONT WANT TOOOOO” or “ONE MORE CARTOON MUMMY”. It’s hard being an outsider in that situation – is there something I can do to help? Probably not. But I feel bad for the parents! I know they are doing everything in their power to turn the situation around but sometimes it doesnt work. Then, suddenly when you thought there was no hope left the tears dry. The Alien disappears and the old Kylan is back. He is happy and seeing fairies on the trail. “You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash.” Appropriate quote! hahaha.
On days when there’s no tv he is a happy helper. Very strange indeed.

I really fear for children in these times, growing up with body issues and blatant sexuality and societys weird obsessions. I think when the time has come for me to have children we’ll live somewhere away from everything. I really wonder how you can protect them from so many bad things about society when you are living in the thick of it. I think kids should get to be kids until they hit 16, then they can start to slowly grow up. There is no way I’d let my future child wear heels or makeup or name brand clothes. I never want them to lose their imagination and grow up too quickly!! I guess it’s an issue wherever you go.

What do you think?

far from perfect

Society has this deep desire for perfection. Or maybe it’s even becoming a requirement. It’s a sickness because no-one can live up to that. It’s such a shame that injecting poison into your face to deaden it and remove wrinkles is socially acceptable – and even encouraged. I could never do that to myself. I would never want anyone I know to do it to themselves. Nothing in life is perfect in every single way – but perfection to me comes with flaws. I think that ‘flaws’ are perfection, they are what makes us unique and interesting. I was taught that I am beautiful, I was brought up reading inspirational books of quotes and watching nature documentaries. I remember being in awe of my pop, he would take me and my brother down to the beach for a swim in summer and he was so at home in the water that I thought he was a dolphin. After the swim we would go back to grandmas house and meet mum with fish n chips for dinner. Those friday nights were the sweetest, and they will always remain close to my heart.

I have never been a follower. I wasnt popular at school, I was overweight and I got teased. I had no father at home to talk to, but my mother and grandparents were more than enough. I have always known how important they are in my life. When the other teenagers started smoking and drinking I resisted. I really had no desire to go there. I tried alcohol, I didnt like the taste. I didnt like the effect it had on people. My uncle was an alcoholic and so I saw how this drug can take a hold of your life. I didnt feel the need to do something I didnt want to just to fit in. And that has remained the same ever since. I have never been drunk and when I go out I avoid alcohol. I dont think it’s such a big deal. If my friends want to drink then I am ok with that, just as they should be ok with me not drinking. If they’re not then they arent really my friends. You should never feel pressured into doing anything you dont want to – by anyone!

We live in a world where the most important professions – such as teachers and nurses are some of the lowest paid and yet hockey stars and actors get paid far too much. It doesnt make much sense to me. Pay packets should relate to the jobs we do and how important they are in society. Surely teachers who are shaping our future generations of children and nurses who look after the sick should be up the top?!!

I have this innate need inside to change the world, it’s been hovering around there for a long time now. I dont know how I am going to do it – what form it will take or when it will happen – but it must. In some way, when the time is right, we must all do what we can to change the world for the better. We must eliminate greed, hatred, ignorance and injustice -education seems to be the answer. How does someone know what they are doing is wrong and how to change? Only by education. I was talking about this the other day with Ed about the drug addicts situation. Sure, we can make them sober and take the drugs away but unless they want to change and are educated about everything then it wont make a difference when they return to their normal lives. If the temptation is there then that’s often too much.

If you could see me now and read the words I’m writing I would want you to know that I am happy. I am happy because I have given myself permission to be happy. I am flawed, I am far from perfect but I like who I am. I’ve gone through a lot, I have changed a lot. But I can honestly say that I love myself and I am not ashamed to be alone. I am surrounding myself with people who I look up to, who encourage and motivate me. I no longer find myself drawn to negative people. I am learning.

What do you think? What are you learning?

coming up… the entertainment calendar

So what’s on the entertainment schedule coming up?

I am so happy to say I will be seeing Imogen Heap perform next month in Vancouver. I am in love with this clip and song! It’s called Hide and Seek. She is certainly a talent.

And now I can also say that I will be seeing The Swell Season in Van in August too. The movie ‘Once’ has been one of my faves (thanks mum!) so I look forward to finally seeing them live! I chose this song to show you because I can admit to singing along in the car to the lyrics many times over directed at my ex. Hahaha.

Next week I get to see one of my fave comedians – Danny Bhoy!! I’ve seen him several times in Australia, so it’ll be fun to see him in Vancouver! And I get to take my old friend Dan and his girlfriend along for the ride. Here is a clip from an Aussie tv show Danny Bhoy was on.

And lastly I managed to score some free tickets to the Van taping of ‘The Hour’ (which is a canadian show) – cant wait to go along and check it out!! It seems to be a popular show here, and I have watched a few little things to see and I think it looks good.

EXCITED for all of my plans!!

Random Flickr Find

Originally uploaded by mary_robinson

Ok it’s time for another long overdue random flickr photo find! This one is Mary Robinson, and she is one talented young photographer. I cant believe she is only 16! What a future she has!

Looking through her photos I was struck by the way she has captured such atmosphere and interest in almost every frame. It was hard choosing just one photo to post, so please check out her flickr for more.

Ancient Wisdom is everlasting.

I have always had a huge fascination with the first nations culture of North America. I suppose in part I grew up watching little house on the prairie and dr quinn medicine woman. I remember buying several books of native quotes and speeches and being in awe of the wisdom. I remember first reading ‘Bury my heart at wounded knee’ and bawling my eyes out practically every chapter. I wanted to change what really happened, I felt bitter at the injustice and ignorance. I wanted to be there, to meet the people and to see it all with my own eyes. So it makes sense in a way that I am finally here, in Canada, and that a big part of my to do list is to do with first nations discoveries.

You may recall that I made a stop at the Museum of Anthropology. That was important. The other day I found these amazing postcards that I will turn into an artwork when I am back home. They are each incredible and take me back to the stories and journeys the photos contain. I hope you like them just as much as I did.

I hope to see a lot more of the culture first hand and meet some of the people. I love their connection with nature, and I believe if we understood and took on more of that the world would be a better place.
And if you’re looking for a book on the true history of ‘how the west was won’ then please read Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. It will change your life.

You like paper? I like paper-ya!

Let me tell you about my purchases on Granville Island! I visited lots of funky little shops, one of my new faves is called Paper-Ya. If you are a fan of paper and stationary -this shop will blow your mind!! It has the funkiest stuff and all at pretty good prices too. Looky what I bought!

From the front it looks like that. And from the back it looks like this.

Already cool yeah? Yeah. Wait til you see the rest!

The three coolest things ever on paper – owls, ghosts and bears! LOVES IT!!! They are cute little notepads that would even fit in your handbag! Edit – Ok I just realised they arent ghosts, they’re jellyfish! Hahahaha Still super cool though!

Isnt it just the cutest!
And I also bought some pretty paper to write letters on, seeings I am a fan of snail mail and have some lovely friends back home to write to!

cute!! I cant wait to go back and look some more!

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