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Hello!! Just thought I’d shoot off a quick post to update on my news.
It’s been very quiet on the Australian friends front. Hope everyone is ok.
I just booked a trip to Portland, Oregon for 4 days from the 16th August.
I am going to see the swell season play in stanley park on I think its 23rd August.
And then I’ll be arriving home in Australia on 28th August. I cant believe I only have 4 weeks left in Vancouver, it has been so amazing and such a wonderful trip.
I have learnt and grown and just.. wow. This is something everyone should do.
Next year I’m planning another trip – this time to Europe!!!
Thats about it, folks.


some little snippets from the week

We found some giant sparrows in the city.

Ed ate a free sample at Whiterock beach on his birthday.

We walked along (and under) whiterock pier

We ate at milestones in West Van.

We went to a pow wow.

This was such an amazing experience for me. I got to dance with first nations dressed up in all their traditional regalia. I took it all in and I loved every minute of it.

Many more photos from my adventures on my flickr page, as usual.


Today is Canada Day, Canadas version of Australia Day! hahaha. I think fireworks are planned and I might go to the city to check out the parades/music.

Happy Canada Day!!

I walk these streets like a ghost

With my headphones in, listening to my favorite music fill my head I wander along these streets. I’m in Japan, Canada and America and it’s all the same. People walk past me, they go about their daily lives shopping, eating, walking. To work, from work, on holiday. Whatever. Life goes on for them the same as it always has before they spotted a glimpse of me walking by, and life will go on the same after. They may not even notice me. Mostly they dont even care. They are business men, lower class, beggars, women, children and men. White, black, yellow, red, brown, every beautiful color of humanitys rainbow. I have seen them all. I have seen yelling, dancing, laughing, singing, playing, drinking, eating, begging, praying, solicitating, crying, walking, running, tripping, sitting, kissing and jumping.

I am the stranger wandering these streets, you do not know my face and you will probably never see me again. I am quite easy to forget, with my unique fashion sense and pretty face. I will wear my layers for protection, sunglasses to give me distance and headphones to drown out your voice. I probably wont hear it if you call out to me, and if I do I’ll probably try to ignore it. I wont give you any change, but I will tell you I dont know where the street you are looking for is if you ask me. I’m a tourist too.

And so I walk, and I look and my eyes are wide open. But again, I could be anywhere. It is all the same. All these countries and here I discover what I have known all along. Here I acknowledge that I am living life at a safe distance. Everywhere I have been I have adventured and walked and discovered new things. But to know a country you must know its people. I have seen them, watching with curious eyes. At times I have listened too, when they didnt know I could hear. But just as in Japan I never really got under their skin. I think I am doing that in Canada. After more than 3 months I should be starting to atleast. I guess 4 days isnt enough in a country unless you really have a handle on your social skills. And I dont.

This is my last day in America, I am going back to Canada tomorrow morning. I have a feeling though, that I’ll be back sooner than I realise. What an adventure it has been!!

Sleepless in Seattle

hehehe. I am posting with popular titles, the ‘hello seattle’ is a song by Owl City. And ofcourse Sleepless in Seattle is a movie. Today I went past the house they used for the film but it has been so long since I have seen it that I didnt recall it. For anyone interested.
SO I was supposed to meet up with a friend I met on flickr tomorrow but then she sent me a message inviting me along to something today so we spent the morning missing each other on the phone/computer until we connected and organised an afternoon meet.

I took the morning (inbetween this running around) to go and head over to the space needle to check out the view and then to do a bit of shopping. I bought a ring, Edwin! hahaha. Ed was just telling me the other day about how much jewellery I look at. I dont buy it unless its awesome and cheap and I have only bought 1 necklace, 3 rings, 1 pair of earrings whilst overseas so I dont think thats too bad. I think thats all anyway hahaha. Vancouver actually has an awesome independent jewellery selection!
Anyway, back to Seattle. Heres a really crappy pic of the space needle, theres a better one on my flickr.

So yes, the space needle was SO HIGH UP! It had an awesome view and the sun was out so it was lovely. I really enjoyed just walking around the streets and people watching. There are some real characters over here. I wish I could take photos of them all!

Heres some american candy bars i tried

Tootsie Roll = ew. Not my thing at all.
Razzles = soooooooo cool. They really taste like sherberty kinda candy and then they make gum SO COOL.
Junior Mints = mini after dinner mints. Good too.

I also saw peanut butter twix!!!!!!!!! WTF!! Dont mess with the original. I couldnt bring myself to buy it. Peanut Butter obsession – I TOLD YOU! hahaha.

Anyway, yes so then I met up with Kate and her friend Fiona and then Kates friend Elena from Italy and we went adventuring for some food and then on the Seattle Ducks, which is like the vehicles that go into the water in QLD. They are even crazier though hahaha. The lady driver was so insane, she is married to one of the fishermen on deadliest catch. Go figure!! It was a lot of fun and great to have some local knowledge into Seattle.

Thats enough photos for now.

Hello Seattle!

Well here I am in Seattle, U.S.A. I must admit that being in another new country is a lot more thrilling than I thought it would be. The bus trip took about 5 hours (with a stop in the middle at the US border). They let me in! YAY! hahaha. So then when I got to the Seattle station I decided to just get a taxi to my hotel and save the 20 min walk through unknown streets. I was going to do the walk but after passing some strange people on the bus I decided against it. So I arrived and they upgraded me to a queen suite. YAY! My room has a window that opens and its on the 15th floor. I couldnt believe the window actually opens! I put my head out and got some good shots but I thought they didnt let windows open when they are so high?

After recovering with some room service (before which the door man totally hit on me) I took to the streets to walk around in AMERICA! haha. Dont mind me. Anyway, yes, I passed a few people who wolf whistled at me (generally old men) and remembered that thats why I usually wear my ipod when I’m walking, so I put it in my ears and that was so much better. So I went down to what I thought was the waterfront, but there is a HUGE highway infront of it and I had no idea how to get there. I just walked along and then went back to the streets where I came across a dude jamming on the electric guirar and then a crew of B BOYS doing some breakdancing!! AWESOME!!

Looking forward to some major exploring tomorrow.
Photos on flickr soon.

Victoria Day Parade and wrap up

Alrighty so let me continue where I left off!
In the morning when I went down for breakfast I noticed that the streets were quiet but that there were people and families setting up chairs and blankets by the side of the road. I then realised how big this parade was going to be. After eating I rugged up with my scarf and jacket and gloves and headed out into the street. There were huge crowds and the parade had started!!

The floats were hilarious! Everyone was waving and having fun.

I’m not sure what the requirements were for being in the parade, but every average joe seemed to be there!! Local business owners and a lot of people had come across from the USA to perform.

Even the mysterious stonecutters/freemasons made an appearance! I forget their real name.

There were cheerleaders,floats, bands, bagpipes, flags bearers, dragons, everything you can imagine!!

I watched for about an hour but they were still going strong for a lot longer. I decided to head to the Royal BC Museum, which was absolutely amazing!!! There are 2 levels of exhibits and so so so much to see. They have diaramas of animals in their native habitat.



Awesome!! They have a ship you can walk through, old towns with artifacts set up that look so real. They had a huge section on native first nations and there was an area with different masks that featured narration by the people with stories etc. I sat there in the darkness listening to them speak and I cried. It was incredible.

So then I decided to go back and buy some art from the market. I got there and there was only about 3 stalls left, but one guy was selling the carving that I wanted to buy. After standing there for a while he told me I could pick it up and so I did, and told him I wanted to buy it. He smiled at me and asked me where I was from. I told him Australia and that made it easier for me to ask him a few questions. I asked what clan he was from, how long he had been carving and who taught him to carve. I walked away feeling better about things, and with a beautifully carved hummingbird.

I decided to get a sundae from an old soda shop I walked past, so I got one called Muddy Sneakers which was choc and vanilla icecream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, cream and marshmallow on it. WOW it was yum hahaha.

I also went thrifting and ended up finding a vintage 70’s floral dress from a consignment store for $10. Bargain!
And that was pretty much my trip.

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