A windy day in Kitsilano

So yesterday I met up with my new friend from work Sophie and she took me exploring around her local area of Kitsilano. I hadnt been there before, so it was a great opportunity for me to get some good insider knowledge. First of all we met at the Art Gallery in Vancouver (after my meeting with the extras agent) and headed to Red Robin for lunch. They have some really nice burgers with big fries. We also got some freckled lemonade, which was incredible!

It has strawberries in a sugar syrup in a tangy lemonade. Soooo good!!

So after that we stopped in a few vintage stores and then caught a bus to Kits. We did a little shopping at Zulu Records (really cool record and cd store), Gravity Pope (awesome but expensive shoes), the Salvation Army thrift store and a few other little shops and then headed down to the beach.

Man, it was so windy!! We were almost blown away! I hadnt seen it like this before and it made walking a bit harder.

It was perfect for the kite surfers though, they were loving it!

We got a drink after all the walking and sat down for a little while.

You can see how bad the wind was! Look at my hair! hahahaha. I was glad to see that I wasnt the only one who was feeling the cold. And so on we went.
Sophie showed me some cool places and then we ended up at the Planetarium.

And lo and behold it was closed! Bugger!
Undeterred, we walked on to check out the 100ft totem pole that towered over the park.

Massive eh?!! Then Sophie showed me the community gardens and her old school. It was really interesting, and my feet were sore by the end of the day! hehehe.
I love exploring!!!


Hey lady, I like your dress!

Yesterday was magical! I got to spend the day with my numero uno bestest buddy Kristy – she took the train an hour and a half from the city to meet me at the nearest station and then I drove us around. The weather man said it would be 29 degrees celcius, but the morning was so cold I didnt agree. I was wrong! haha. I ended up having to strip off my jeans and long sleeve top – which left me in my dress. And guess who was wearing the same dress, but in another color? Yep, Kristy. Great minds eh? Hehehe.

After a lovely lunch I took Kristy down to my local beach in Dromana.

Boy that sun was warm! If the water wasnt so cold we may have even jumped in!

Hey Kristy, nice dress! Hehehe. So we went for a little frolicking in the water and walked along to the pier.

The pier is really special for me for several reasons – the biggest one being that when my beloved pop Clyde passed away 5 years ago we granted his wish and threw his ashes off the end and into the ocean. Every time I see the beach I’m reminded of him and what a great grandfather he was.
Next stop was Seawinds Park at Arthurs Seat. This is my fave place and where I like to go to contemplate the world.

I could stand there and watch the world all day! Luckily the gardens were so much cooler, so we chillaxed in the shade for a while.

Kristy said “ooh look, its all the types of trees you’ll see in canada!” I smiled.

I tried to soak up every moment that I could, knowing that this would be the last time I’d see Kris in quite a while. She is such a wonderful person and I have been blessed to have her in my life.

After much talking she mentioned she had always wanted to go to a maze and had never been! It was a dream of hers! Well I was here to make her wish come true! Lets go Kristy!!

Look how excited she is!!! Hahaha. Sooo cute! I’d been to this place several times before so it was nice to go again and pretend we were kids!

Kristy just gets me like no-one else can. We are both crazy fools! haha. I made her jump the barrier to get this shot – isnt it gold!!!

We had such a fun day (in our matching dresses) that I will always treasure! Kristy gave me such great advice about travelling overseas (she backpacked around europe a few years ago). I hope that I get some interesting stories like the ones she tells me all the time! She certainly has a way with words!

She left me with a beautiful card and quote that I might share later. Thanks Kristy, for everything!! xx

a beautiful day

Man, I love the mornington peninsula so much. It is my home town -and it never fails to amaze me. I went for a lazy walk down the beach and along to the marina to take some photos.

This is the local beach that we usually swim at. It’s so busy in summer!! It’s one of those annoying things for the locals, when its warm enough to swim everyone comes down for the holidays but you put up with it because – well look at the ocean!!

There are even quite a few beachboxes around, so that’s pretty cool too.

The Marina is only fairly new, I reckon it was built about 5 years ago maybe? Anyway it has been interesting seeing it from the beginning to what it is today. I am hoping they put in a restaurant around there because it would be so pretty.

Most of the properties are huge and they feature a private dock, so as you can imagine they sold for a lot of money. Nice to look though! Haha.

It has been so nice to spend the last week back home with mum.

Walk with me

This morning we went for a drive to get out of the house. Those are some pretty clouds!

We went up to the lake and I walked around to take some photos. There were so many families out feeding the ducks and enjoying the day off!

It’s the first month of Autumn over here, and the weather has started to get a little colder already! There has been a fair amount of much needed rain the last few days. I sat on the little dock and watched the world go by for a little while. I really love nature, but I just dont get out there enough. I’m making it my goal to do more outside.

I love the colors in the moss on the wood! It makes it look really old, I wonder what stories it’d tell if you asked nicely.

We drove back via the beach road. It’s such a lovely area.

Hope your weekend was lots of fun!

I love my city

..and I love my town. I have been lucky enough to live and work near the city (Melbourne) during the week and then come and stay with mum down the coast on the weekend for a while now and I love it!! With my departure coming quickly I have been appreciating the best of both worlds, and would like to share some of my fave photos of the areas.

* Sunset at Dromana in summer. I remember salty sand, cold water and yummy icecreams. Growing up near the beach was a wonderful thing, and weekly family fish and chips every friday night after a swim.

My pics 005

* My fave view – Seawinds gardens. Many a time over the years I could be found sitting on a blanket, with a picnic and just enjoying nature. With a view like that it really helps to put things into perspective.


*Melbourne – this is a shot of the iconic trams and flinders st station. I remember growing up down the coast – an hr and a half from the city – it always filled me with awe to go to the city. Everything was so exciting, and busy, and there was a real pulse and atmosphere. I still see that now.


I love new adventures, and exploring around new areas. You never know what amazing things you will discover!

I hope that everyday is a new and fun adventure for you!