Steveston Harbour Fun Times

So on Saturday Ed and I caught up and went to Steveston Harbour in Richmond, BC. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we made the most of it!! After a week of rain in Vancouver it was really nice to feel the sun on my face again. It was like seeing a long lost friend again.

We were both really hungry, so we went for lunch to the harbourside restaurant. This was our view!

I got the traditional club sandwich and Ed got the clam shrimp soup/sandwich thingy.

It was good, but I’ve had better chips!
Afterwards we went to get icecream.
*photo from Ed

And then we went for a walk around the harbour and park area.

It was a day for kites! And they even had kite buggies around.

Some interesting characters about! Bikie kite flyers hehe 😉

Then we climbed on the artwork
*photo from Ed

And found a park where I told Ed he had to go down the slide hahaha.

So he goes in and then he takes AAAAAAAAAAAAAGES to come out!

And then he says “there was some dirt in there, I didnt want to get dirty so I slowed down so I wouldnt go on it.” BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

My turn came and I flew down there so quick, a bit of dirt doesnt worry me!

It was a fun day but we were both so exhausted by the end of it – heat stroke? Not sure. I slept well that night anyway 🙂


Snippet from Vancouver Island

It’s pretty here.

These are the Victoria Parliament Buildings. The first second I saw them as I walked around the corner I literally gasped. I felt like I could be somewhere in England. And then I just realised why they resonated with me so much, the dome reminds me a little of Flinders St station back home.

Apparently they are having a street parade tomorrow for Victoria Day – with floats and marching bands and everything. One of the marching bands was rehearsing on the steps tonight.


Live taping of ‘the hour’ in Van

Ok so it was POURING down in Vancouver on Wednesday night, but we had free tickets to a live taping of ‘The Hour’ at CBC studios and we werent going to miss out. I invited Sophie from work and she brought along her Boyf Kevin and friend Nilo. Luckily Soph and I brought umbrellas because to make sure we got seats (they overbooked) we waited for an hour in the freezing wind and rain. Not fun, Vancouver.

This is the man we were there to see (I hadnt seen the show before, managed to randomly get free tickets on the website when I stumbled across it).

Eventually they let us in to the building, but we had to wait another hour before we got into the studios! They gave us free rice chips and a drink bottle, which was nice. But we were cold and wet and wanted more freebies! Haha. As we were waiting I noticed an Aussie girl behind me talking about how she woke up after going out drinking and there was vomit all over the floor and all over her glasses and face and she never realised how drunk she was. I just hope thats not how the world views us. I am far from that stereotypical Australian.

Anyway, we finally got a seat but we werent allowed to take any photos. I got a few sneaky non flash ones that are a bit fuzzy but I’ll post em anyway.

So the guests were some Minister for Environment dude, The Sedin Brothers from The Canucks and Billy the Kid was the performer. So it was a bit meh, no real celebrities for me. I had fun though but it went until after 9pm and we started lining up around 4:30pm so it was quite a night!!

I’m hoping I get to a real taping in L.A – I’d love to see the Ellen show or something like that. Who Knows?

Danny Bhoy at the Vogue

Firstly – sorry about all the changes lately – header and theme. I think I am settled now. I just had a bit of a ‘need something new that fits me’ moment. I have them quite often you will notice.

Alrighty, so I debated for quite a while about whether to go to this or not. Danny Bhoy would have to be, undoubtably, one of my fave comedians. I have seen him in Australia atleast 4 times over 4 years – I go along to a show every year at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. I have his dvd live at the Sydney Opera House and I have watched it many times. I know a lot of his lines. But the prospect of seeing him in another country was something I just couldnt pass up. So I bought three tickets and just had to work out who to take with me.

No-one I know over here had heard of him, but my old friend Dan said he’d go and so did his g/f Tiff. Sold!
And so it was that I headed downtown to grab a bite to eat with them first before the show. Dan suggested Cafe Crepe which, very handily, happened to be almost right next door to the Vogue theatre where the gig was.

I ordered a nutella/banana crepe, cranberry juice and chips (fries). Alas I have no food shots to show you but here is one of Dan and Tiff as Dan was inhaling a lemon from his Long Island Iced Tea Pitcher.

The food was great! And our server happened to be an Aussie girl who I found out was from Perth. We had a good chat and it was nice to hear the accent again!

And then Dan decided to pose with the lemon some more. Funny guy!
I think this was after our indepth sci fi stargate analysis about SGU. We’re just a pair of geeks. I felt sorry for Tiff! Hahaha.

So after the meal we headed to the Venue, on the way I filled them in on the downlow about Danny Bhoy.

There was a HUGE lineup outside, luckily we had seating but I think as there was a show just before they couldnt let anyone in early. It seemed to be sold out or atleast pretty full, so thats pretty good for Danny Bhoy -he isnt as well known out here. In Australia he usually sells out pretty early.

So we took our seats in Row 10 and waited for the man to come out.

There was no flash photography so I had to take this one without. Sorry it’s a little fuzzy – he kept moving! haha. The gig was really good. It was interesting to see him use some of the jokes he’s used about Australia and just convert them over to Canada. “I was in a hotel room in Australia..” became “I was in a hotel room in Canada..” I suppose it doesnt matter where the joke was set.

So I was feeling quite game and when Danny Bhoy mentioned Australia I went “WOOOO”. He laughed and then a little later mentioned Australia again. Yes, I said “WOOOO”.
And he goes “Are you from Australia?”
I said “YES!”
Then he made a few Aussie jokes, I was cool with that. He said “What pub are you working at.”
“Where in Australia are you from?” he asked.
“Melbourne.” I said.
“Whats your name?” he asked.
“Alesha.” I yelled.
“Felicia?” he enquired?
“No… AAAALEESHA.” I said.
He stared blankly and then someone nearer shouted “ALESHA.”
He goes: “Oh ALESHA?”
I said “YES!”
He goes “It’s your accent!”
Then he said “So how long are you here for?”
I think I said “2 years”
And he said “ok.”

Then every now and then he’d mention Australia and he’d go… “oh I was in Karratha – in the west of Australia, do you know that Alesha?”
And I said “yes, near Perth.”
And he goes “No. Let me educate you about your own country.”

Then later he said “Do you know the botanical gardens in Melbourne, Alesha?”
And I said “YES!” (I actually used to live right near them)
Then he told the joke about the laid back nature of Aussies and the possum.

It was such a great night, I think Dan and Tiff enjoyed it too – they seemed to be laughing a lot!

After the gig Dan drove me home but first he went to get the guitar that he has at his place, so he lent me that in the hopes that I’ll do an open mic night while I am here. I must admit it has been nice playing again, so we shall see what happens!!

Oh I saw another raccoon the other night too – it was HUGE! Like the size of a medium dog! I think it keeps getting bigger every time I remember it! hahaha.

If you get a chance to go to a comedy show then please do, they are a lot of fun and laughter is beneficial to your health.

Dont worry about me, I’m in a new part of town

Alrighty!! I am all moved in and unpacked, and to look at my wardrobe I really dont know where it all went! I’m glad I packed two big knit cardigans though (probably explains some of the space) as I can wear them now! It’s amazing when you think of your life in a suitcase (or two) – and you unpack and think about everything you have brought along and whether you made the right decision or not. I think I did- overall. I’m just going to have to do more washing than I’m used to – but I can work with that.

My homestay family are really nice! I’ll admit that I was a little worried (as per normal I suppose) but they have been lovely and welcoming. Georgia introduced me to the food cupboards and living with a chef has its benefits I must say!!!!!!! You dont have to worry mum, I’ll be eating very well. Snacks included!! They have a little dog who is a bit hyper – but I’m ignoring her in the hopes that she will calm down soon. She hasnt bothered me in my room so thats half the battle!

Speaking of my room – wanna see some photos? Yeah I know you do.

Decorated already? Me? Yeah you can count on it!

Apparently that is satelite tv, but I need to ask how to use it as I cant seem to figure it out.

The taps are weird over here, and the toilet bowls seem to be a LOT bigger. Wider but shorter. They seem to hold a lot of water and then they flush weirdly too. All the water completely goes and then it fills back up again.

I’m not going to show you a photo of the toilet!

This is my soaker tub and shower

After I’d got settled I went out the back of my place and down the green belt.
I saw my first squirrel!!! He was too quick for me to get a photo.

North Vancouver is a beautiful place, and it’s a lot closer to the city than I thought. I dont know how I’m going to go in winter here though, I’ll be honest. Even though the sun was out today and it wasnt windy there is this cold in the air that almost takes your breath away. It’s a little bitter. Maybe I’ll grow into it!

I went down to the local superstore supermarket thingy. It’s like a combination of big w and the old bilo supermarkets. You should see the size of the small toothpaste – its like family size! They certainly do things a lot bigger in North America!!

I still havent seen the two aisles of chocolate bars though – maybe thats just in America. Probably a good thing, dont need to be tempted! Hehe. I’m still finding it a little strange being in another country. It’s been a week since I’ve been home now and you’d think I’d be used to it. I find myself walking along and I’ll see a big yellow school bus and I’ll do a double take. It’s like I have to open my eyes again as things start to blend in. I can see someone walking along and then when they speak in a Canadian accent I have to do another double take. It’s like I have to keep telling myself ‘hang on, you’re not at home here. You’re in Canada! Things are different.’ Its unusual I know, but maybe it’ll be different in time. Then again I AM unusual so maybe it’s just right hehehe.

A bit later the babysitter came around (not for me, for their 4 y.o son) and we got to chatting over dinner. She was so lovely and even though she is only 14 I think I made a friend. One down, several more to go!

hello sunshine and biting wind

Ok, so I woke up this morning and opened the blinds and you know what I saw? SUNSHINE! Glorious sunshine. I actually said “Sunshine!!!!” out loud and smiled to myself. Hehe. And then I went out exploring and here was the view from across the road.

Pretty amazing eh? I dont know that I am ever going to get used to that view. It really takes your breath away. After I’d stopped staring and taking photos I got on the bus and headed downtown. I had an info session about getting work and working holiday visas and all that kinda fun stuff – it was pretty informative actually so I have a few things to work on!

Then I got some lunch in the food court and I tried some mexican! I got a burrito thingy I forget what it was actually called but it had black beans and beef and rice and salsa and medium sauce in it and it was YUM! Loving the mexicana!

I stepped out of the side of the building and saw this.

Yeah, I know. What can I say?
I wandered down the road and stumbled across this building I had actually wanted to see.

See the tall round one? Thats it. It’s called the Harbour Centre and the top is the Vancouver Lookout (which also has a restaurant on the top level that I didnt go see).
The lift ride up is pretty scary as the glass looks out onto the street and I had a few moments of unease when going up by myself. You could see everything!!!

Just breathtaking isnt it!

And that over there is north vancouver, where I’ll be living from tomorrow (if all goes well).

Then after I hopped off the bus I got one more shot of this beautiful day.

Oh one more thing – I watched a show on tv last night called unmistaken child. It was about buddhism and how when one high lama passes away they find signs that he has been reincarnated and go to find the young boy the spirit is now in. It follows closely the journey of Tenzin Zopa, who was the deceased high Lama’s close disciple and friend – and his hard and unwanted search. Being very interested in buddhism, I found this incredible to watch. It really struck a note in my core and made me think about a few things. It reminded me of when I saw the dalai lama speak and made me want to go to some more meetings. If you’re into that kind of thing then I recommend watching it.

Take me to the shops!

OK so this morning I looked outside at the rainy weather and I decided that I wanted to go somewhere inside. It’s not really a day to go exploring outside. So I got on the bus and headed off to Metrotown Shopping Centre in Burnaby. Yep Burnaby – otherwise known as Michael Buble’s town 😉 heh. I wanted to buy a winter coat and I thought that maybe there might be some on sale somewhere. I stopped at these iconic stores.

Zara was cheaper than I thought! Very nice. And I also liked Aldo accessories!! So I looked and I browsed and I touched and I only tried on one thing and bought NOTHING! There was just nothing there that ticked every box for me. I walked around and around and went in almost every shop.
I got sushi for lunch though – YUM!

The food court was huge and there were so many options. I also saw my first frozen yoghurt bar – I’m gonna have to try that soon too. Pizza and Tacos and Asian and Fast Food seemed to be the big ticket holders here. You should see how big the large coffee is! Insane. Their small is like our medium in Australia.

And I looked in several cell stores as I need to buy a basic one for over here. I’ll do some research before I buy. So much to look into!!

I called my homestay and it looks all set for moving in on Friday!

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