yep, thats my tree.

Wow, what a day! As time passes by and my countdown gets shorter and shorter more connections are happening! Last night my two lovely friends Linda & Stephen drove down from Brunswick to have dinner with me. It took them two hours in traffic, and I am so glad they could make it! I feel blessed that people want to fit in one last meet (after the official one I already had) before I head overseas. It means a lot!

And today meant a lot too! My favourite Aunty and Uncle (Gail and John) had a luncheon for me – Uncle John told me I could invite whoever I wanted. I thought it’d be nice to just have a small family gathering in the spirit of our regular meets. My family is only quite small anyway, so it was perfect! We had delicious food, lots of laughter and good conversation, great company and amazing dessert! I bought two small cakes from Houghtons fine foods – INCREDIBLE!! They were just perfect and you know how I love my desserts! Hehe. I wish I had taken a photo to show you all. I got the chocolate ganache tart and a blueberry & raspberry ricotta tart. To die for!

Just a short one to say thanks to all who came along – I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life (and even luckier to call them family!). With all the well wishes I have received I know everything is going to be amazing!!!
6 sleeps to go!

I still havent finished packing yet – I have too many clothes that I just LOVE and am finding it hard to part with! But I know that I have to fit it all in and leave room for anything I buy on the way! Haha. Thats what I’ll be doing tomorrow I think! Why is it so hard to decide?!!


When two becomes one

Now, if you are my age you might be picturing a certain Spice girls song – but this post isn’t really about them. No, not at all actually.


Last Saturday was my brothers wedding! And what a magical day it turned out to be. The weather was perfect, everyone looked lovely, the food was great and the entertainment – well let me talk about that later! Sorry about the washed out photo, I thought it was better than none and it has a kind of romantic old world feel to it I thought (paired with the fact I dont think my bro would want any photos of him posted on my blog heh).

My bro and his wife had asked me to do a reading on the day (which they gave me full creative control over) – they didn’t even ask to read what I had written before the ceremony. That is trust! Especially when you know me and what interesting thoughts could come out. It all turned out well though, and I got some very sweet comments from various guests about my reading.

It is hard to believe that they had been dating for 7 years, time sure does fly! So with that in mind it was a beautiful ceremony that captured them both perfectly. At the reception, after the speeches we were all surprised to be directed outside where there was a fire dancer! He was really good, he got everyone clapping and dancing and we were captivated (especially considering we’re in a drought and the grass around him was catching on fire now and then). Haha. He handled it all well though.

I was glad to be a part of such a special day in my brothers life and happy to welcome a new sister-in-law to the family.

It was a big week for me, as a few days before that I also handed my notice in at work! 5 weeks to go!!!