Thrifty buys at bargain prices

The other day I went to my fave thrift shop to see if they had any new vintage items that I might like. Once again I found myself trying several things on and walking away with a couple of purchases! It’s such a good little shop for finding bargains!! I like the idea of thrift stores, and although often you have to go through a lot of bad stuff when you find the little diamonds of good things it makes it worthwhile! Vintage is fun.

I dont normally find much I like in the handbag department, but this time this one shouted out to me. It screamed ‘I need a home, I have a story.’

I know it’s vintage but I’m not too sure how old it is. It’s the cutest thing though, and I cant wait to use it.

Next I spotted this cute scarf.

It’s such a folk thing, but I love it! I like thinking about the people who use to own the items, and wondering what their life was like.

Now onto the dresses! Once again they probably dont have much hanger appeal, but I will outfit them soon and see what I can do with them.

I already took the huge white bow off the front of this one, not sure if it needs anything else. I’ll try it on again and figure it out.

What interesting things have you bought lately?


North Shore, mail and creating.

After speaking of my love for first nations culture I found myself invited along to brunch with some family friends at a place called Tomahawk Restaurant. It was a total coincedence that we ended up there as someone else had chosen the location but I was blown away. There were carvings and photos and basically any first nation thing you could think of on the walls. It was a great introduction. Apparently there are a few festivals and cultural things that go on right near where we are that I can go along to. Oh also it looks like I might get to go to the roller derby next month! 🙂 I actually just saw whip it on the plane to Japan – so thats pretty awesome.

After brunch we went to the “dog park” on North Shore.

It’s just basically a walkway near the water where people walk, skate and take their dogs off the leash. Everyone talks to each other and the dogs love it!

I still cant get over those mountains.

I am loving the sun, I want to bottle it up and take it with me.

I got a photo of the yellow buses!

I realise that most of this stuff probably isnt interesting to a lot of people but hey, it is to me! It’s all new and sparkly. hehe.

So then Georgia took me to this shop.

The only Tommy Haas I know is a tennis player – but apparently this one is a famous pastry chef and chocolate maker and the place was PACKED! There is a macaroon upstairs with my name on it!

So then when I got home I started creating some things.

Georgia reckons I’ll be able to sell my creatures easily, so we’ll see! It’s fun to make some more anyway.

Oh and I have some mail to send out!

I have seven parcels to send to 7 special people – hopefully I’ll get to the post office to mail them very soon! Keep your eyes peeled, my friends and family!!

Back to creating!