A windy day in Kitsilano

So yesterday I met up with my new friend from work Sophie and she took me exploring around her local area of Kitsilano. I hadnt been there before, so it was a great opportunity for me to get some good insider knowledge. First of all we met at the Art Gallery in Vancouver (after my meeting with the extras agent) and headed to Red Robin for lunch. They have some really nice burgers with big fries. We also got some freckled lemonade, which was incredible!

It has strawberries in a sugar syrup in a tangy lemonade. Soooo good!!

So after that we stopped in a few vintage stores and then caught a bus to Kits. We did a little shopping at Zulu Records (really cool record and cd store), Gravity Pope (awesome but expensive shoes), the Salvation Army thrift store and a few other little shops and then headed down to the beach.

Man, it was so windy!! We were almost blown away! I hadnt seen it like this before and it made walking a bit harder.

It was perfect for the kite surfers though, they were loving it!

We got a drink after all the walking and sat down for a little while.

You can see how bad the wind was! Look at my hair! hahahaha. I was glad to see that I wasnt the only one who was feeling the cold. And so on we went.
Sophie showed me some cool places and then we ended up at the Planetarium.

And lo and behold it was closed! Bugger!
Undeterred, we walked on to check out the 100ft totem pole that towered over the park.

Massive eh?!! Then Sophie showed me the community gardens and her old school. It was really interesting, and my feet were sore by the end of the day! hehehe.
I love exploring!!!


In the deepest cove, beauty resides.

I took a trip to Deep Cove yesterday. Wow. What a gorgeous place! I was greeted by a beautiful day outside and for once I didnt have my thick knit jacket or trench on, instead I opted for about 4 lighter layers and it worked. As I wasnt given any work hours this week I got to a point where I was actually thinking it’d be nice to go to work, so now that I have 5 days rostered on for next week I’m feeling better about it. They’re only from 3 to 5 hour shifts, so thats a good thing! I almost ran out of places to explore this week! What? Never! Haha.

Anyway, yes, deep cove!!

It was a real typical quaint little fishing village, a bit like a smaller Canadian version of Sorrento. It was so incredible to see the water and the huge mountains of trees. Thats the thing that always reminds me I’m somewhere else – the trees are so different from in Australia!! They are so deep green and thick and tall. I love it! Deep Cove is the ‘summer holiday’ place for a lot of Canucks and I can totally understand why!

If I had a sweetheart I could see myself doing something like this couple.

Just sitting, watching, listening and talking. That’s the ideal isnt it? What a perfect way to waste a few hours! Instead I wandered along to the waters edge and sat on some rocks for a while. I wrote in my journal and I contemplated life and its complexities.

I ate a chocolate donut at honeys (one of those things you ‘have to do!’) and then walked it off on a trail. Well I spose I walked off a quarter of it anyway hahaha.

I did my typical hiking thing of inner dialogue ‘I wonder if I’m gonna see any animals, oh maybe a bear will come over that hill. I wonder if there’s a wolf watching me. Why cant I see any raccoons? Come on raccoons! Ooh was that a squirrel? Nope, just a bird.’ Hehehehe. yes, for real. My senses go into overdrive and I try to tap into every sound and locate something. And I fail everytime but I WILL find them one of these days. You can count on it!

I decided that I’ll have to go back and visit Deep Cove in the summer to take a kayak and explore some more!

Before I go – two more things! I tried a ‘beavers tail’ today!! Another Canadian thing I had to try. Went to Lonsdale Market & Gastown. It looked like a huge potato cake but it was yuuuuuuuuuuum. You have no idea! It was like a thin donut and I got the maple butter one with chocolate. MmMMMMmMMmm.

Aaaand I wore my other new vintage dress.

Granville Island and getting lost again.

Well today was a beautiful day, and I decided to make the most of it while I had a day off – your good luck paid off and I got the job! YAY!
Anyway, so I walked down to the bus stop and spotted another Robin!

This time I got a photo! Hehe. And then I waited for the bus to come.

The bus went over a bridge and we got a beautiful view of the city of Vancouver.

And then I got off a bit before Granville Island because I thought it’d be nice to walk around.

I followed where I thought I should be going and after a long walk I found myself here.

It was really pretty!

So it took me a little while to realise that the 10 blocks I’d just walked were in the wrong direction. Ok maybe 6 blocks but it felt like 10. I was somehow at Coal Harbour instead of English Bay. Then I turned around and walked the other way. Hahaha. Cue the first of many “ohhhhhhhh Alesha!” I made to myself today.

Ok, so then I did walk 10 blocks to get to English Bay, which was also very pretty.

Walking through the city was fun though, and it did remind me of Melbourne! There were a few homeless people asking for change but if you just ignore them they are harmless.
Then I found the Inukshuk!

Then it took me a while to figure out how to actually get over to Granville Island! hahaha. I ended up taking the little Aquabus over.

Everyone was out for lunch! I grabbed a burger and searched for some blueberry bread but I couldnt find any! There were lots of kitsch little shops with clothes and jewellery and paper! Very funky.

So after some more exploring I decided to head back to the “mainland” and got the ferry back. I had decided to find the SeaBus and get that back over to North Vancouver for something different, so after walking another 10 blocks I was a little tired. I am so unfit! hahaha.

That’s my ‘I’m soooooo tired’ face. What made things worse was that I couldnt for the life of me find out where to get on the seabus!!! I walked up and down the same street several times (and past the homeless people) and then ended up going in a shop.

Not that shop though – but look its a mountie! heheheh cool.
The lady told me it was where it said “waterfront station” but I went there and it was just a bus terminal. I just needed to sit down and I didnt want to walk past them again, so I went up some stairs and saw a little area people were out enjoying the sun in. It had a nice view, so I sat and recovered. After a few minutes I saw a sign that said “the station” and noticed the people filing in. I followed them and found…. THE SEABUS TERMINAL! Gee they dont put many signs up to help the silly tourists like myself! Haha. So yay, I got on it and then got a bus home. PHEW what a day!

As I was writing this up I noticed a big spider run past me across the floor. I freaked out, then I went and got a jar and caught it in there to show Tim. He said they get lots of spiders in the basement. Did I mention that my bedroom is in the basement? Hahaha yeah. Ah well, as long as they dont come near me all is good!

So that was my day, hope yours was fun too!

wandering down the alleyways

This is what you encounter when you go wandering down alleyways late at night.

Luckily this is the alley that I have to drive down to get to my garage, so I wasn’t too far from home!

It was a cold night, and the streetlights made it look almost eerie.

If I turn around and look the other way I can see a glimpse of the city lights through the apartment buildings.

I have been living in this area for a year and overall it has been great for me.

The area is right near the city, and yet it is also near the botanical gardens so it isn’t too noisy.

There are walking tracks (the popular one is called ‘The tan’) where all the fit people run or walk in their designer training gear.

I’m the first to admit that I have been neglecting myself and my love of nature lately and I have come to the conclusion that uncomfortable vibes in the home are not worth it. Although I can (and have) put up with flatmates I don’t get on with- the unhealthy vibes really do affect me. I have locked myself up in my room for long enough. Peace of mind and freedom and acceptance are wonderful things -gifts that you can give yourself and others.

So here’s to new friends, a new country, a new job and a whole new start. I’m looking forward to doing some major exploring! Vancouver, here I come!!