Sleepless in Seattle

hehehe. I am posting with popular titles, the ‘hello seattle’ is a song by Owl City. And ofcourse Sleepless in Seattle is a movie. Today I went past the house they used for the film but it has been so long since I have seen it that I didnt recall it. For anyone interested.
SO I was supposed to meet up with a friend I met on flickr tomorrow but then she sent me a message inviting me along to something today so we spent the morning missing each other on the phone/computer until we connected and organised an afternoon meet.

I took the morning (inbetween this running around) to go and head over to the space needle to check out the view and then to do a bit of shopping. I bought a ring, Edwin! hahaha. Ed was just telling me the other day about how much jewellery I look at. I dont buy it unless its awesome and cheap and I have only bought 1 necklace, 3 rings, 1 pair of earrings whilst overseas so I dont think thats too bad. I think thats all anyway hahaha. Vancouver actually has an awesome independent jewellery selection!
Anyway, back to Seattle. Heres a really crappy pic of the space needle, theres a better one on my flickr.

So yes, the space needle was SO HIGH UP! It had an awesome view and the sun was out so it was lovely. I really enjoyed just walking around the streets and people watching. There are some real characters over here. I wish I could take photos of them all!

Heres some american candy bars i tried

Tootsie Roll = ew. Not my thing at all.
Razzles = soooooooo cool. They really taste like sherberty kinda candy and then they make gum SO COOL.
Junior Mints = mini after dinner mints. Good too.

I also saw peanut butter twix!!!!!!!!! WTF!! Dont mess with the original. I couldnt bring myself to buy it. Peanut Butter obsession – I TOLD YOU! hahaha.

Anyway, yes so then I met up with Kate and her friend Fiona and then Kates friend Elena from Italy and we went adventuring for some food and then on the Seattle Ducks, which is like the vehicles that go into the water in QLD. They are even crazier though hahaha. The lady driver was so insane, she is married to one of the fishermen on deadliest catch. Go figure!! It was a lot of fun and great to have some local knowledge into Seattle.

Thats enough photos for now.


Shooting a friend

with a camera – dont worry! hehehe. SO I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be putting lots of photos up of the shoot I did with my buddy Sophie yesterday on my flickr page. They turned out amazingly and make me think photography is calling me a little haha – for now anyway 😉

So click here and let me know what you think!!!
A preview….

Mighty are the fallen

This was taken on one of my photo exploration walks around my street and complexes.

I have felt myself drawing away from my blog lately and find myself drawn more to flickr and photography. I’m really into this 365 day challenge now. I love taking photos and then coming home to look at them and edit them and post them on flickr. It’s a great community of inspiring and supportive and creative people. So if you dont hear from me much just head over there and say hi.

Oh and I watched ‘into the wild’ for the first time last night and it hit home a lot of things for me.

Day three

This was my entry for day three of my 365 day flickr challenge. I uploaded a few more photos from the shoot to my flickr page if you are interested. I am enjoying unleashing this creativity!!

I went for a hike around Deep Cove with my buddy Sophie today, I’ll post about it soon! I also want to show you my newest thrift buys.
Hope you all had a wonderful day, what did you get up to??

365 day flickr challenge

Day One!

Hi all!! So as you probably know if you read my blog I have a flickr account where I upload all of my photos to. Although I purchased a pro account so I would have room to store all my photos I didnt really think much about it. And then one day I was browsing through photos and realised that I wanted to stretch myself. I will still take all my adventure & nature shots but I am also going to be doing a 365 day challenge. Basically every day you upload one photo to the group – it has to be a self portrait to some extent and creativity is important. I’m excited for the challenge! We’ll see how it goes and today is my day one.

There are so many talented young photographers on flickr with amazing cameras, I will keep my little olympus digi and get the best I can out of her.

I’ll upload yesterdays incredible adventure in the woods tomorrow!!

Random Flickr Find

Originally uploaded by mary_robinson

Ok it’s time for another long overdue random flickr photo find! This one is Mary Robinson, and she is one talented young photographer. I cant believe she is only 16! What a future she has!

Looking through her photos I was struck by the way she has captured such atmosphere and interest in almost every frame. It was hard choosing just one photo to post, so please check out her flickr for more.

Fields of gold

Time for another flickr find, and yes – another one from this talented photographer! I love how alive the photo feels.

Dandelion Fields – by Brandon C Warren. Click here to see more of his work!

On another note – I have packed and unpacked and taken stuff out and then repacked 3 times now, so hopefully it is third time lucky!! hahaha. My suitcase is almost at my weight limit, so now I need to get a good overnight bag as the one I had been using cant be locked. Today I have to sell my car, change my postal address on everything, get that overnight bag, copy all of my important files onto cd, go to the bank and get a printout of my balance to show Canadian immigration for my visa.


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