Shooting a friend

with a camera – dont worry! hehehe. SO I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be putting lots of photos up of the shoot I did with my buddy Sophie yesterday on my flickr page. They turned out amazingly and make me think photography is calling me a little haha – for now anyway 😉

So click here and let me know what you think!!!
A preview….


Steveston Harbour Fun Times

So on Saturday Ed and I caught up and went to Steveston Harbour in Richmond, BC. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we made the most of it!! After a week of rain in Vancouver it was really nice to feel the sun on my face again. It was like seeing a long lost friend again.

We were both really hungry, so we went for lunch to the harbourside restaurant. This was our view!

I got the traditional club sandwich and Ed got the clam shrimp soup/sandwich thingy.

It was good, but I’ve had better chips!
Afterwards we went to get icecream.
*photo from Ed

And then we went for a walk around the harbour and park area.

It was a day for kites! And they even had kite buggies around.

Some interesting characters about! Bikie kite flyers hehe 😉

Then we climbed on the artwork
*photo from Ed

And found a park where I told Ed he had to go down the slide hahaha.

So he goes in and then he takes AAAAAAAAAAAAAGES to come out!

And then he says “there was some dirt in there, I didnt want to get dirty so I slowed down so I wouldnt go on it.” BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

My turn came and I flew down there so quick, a bit of dirt doesnt worry me!

It was a fun day but we were both so exhausted by the end of it – heat stroke? Not sure. I slept well that night anyway 🙂

the things that make me happy

the things that make me happy

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Got this today, it made me so happy! Since being here I have gotten 2 letters, 2 cards and now 2 parcels. THATS AWESOME!!! I love my friends and family.

the curse of the blogger

I need to stop looking at my blog views and reader country list and wondering why so many people just read and dont comment and remember why I started this blog in the first place. Yes, it was in part to meet new people and show my friends/family what I’m doing whilst away but a big part of it was for myself. I didnt go into it thinking that if I dont get people commenting it’d be a big deal, but somehow it has turned into one.

I think that the thing for me is that when I know people from back home are reading and keeping up to date I am happy, but I dont know who exactly is reading and what is happening in their lives. They walk away feeling in contact with me and all filled in on my life but I never know. I dont even know that they’ve checked in on me unless they comment. Or send me a private email! Either way, I want to know what is happening in your lives too!! This was never supposed to be a selfish one way communication. It was about sharing – and that goes both ways!!

The thing I miss the most about home (apart from the weather) is my family and friends. In all of my life I can honestly say that I havent had a better bunch of friends than I do now. Every one of my friends has been hand picked, tested, challenged and appreciated. And my family? Well they know how strange I can be and they love me for it.

((some family shots not uploaded due to request -but imagine Mum, my bro and sis in law also here))

They are a big chunk of the heart and soul of my life in Australia. I feel like I am being a bad friend as I am not in as much contact as I’d like to be, but each time I write a blog I feel like I send them an email with my news. I kinda feel like in a way I have to pause my life back in Australia and hope when I get home and press play they will all still be there. I have this fear now and then that they’ll all find better friends and forget about me. I know it’s silly, but thats me sometimes. I know that friendship isnt about comments, or emails – its about the truth. It’s about the actions and not the words.

Anyway, I have realised that even though everything you see can be totally different in a new country the people and underlying issues remain the same. Friendship is so important, never forget to take the time to tell someone how much you care!

I have been lucky enough to make a few new friends whilst being in Canada too, and I cherish them equally. Sometimes I stand there, in my silent world, and I think “gee I am boring. I cant even think of anything interesting to say. How can anyone want to spend time with me?” But they do. They keep inviting me out, and I am so grateful for that. My social skills leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes I ramble on and sometimes I just sit there blankly. I dont have all the answers, and thats not always a bad thing.

So on a news front I’ll be going to Vancouver Island for the Victoria Day long weekend (which I just found out is to honour Queen Victoria’s birthday) so I am excited about that – adventure and new discoveries await. I have booked a whale watching trip, so fingers crossed I get to see some Orcas and cross that off the list too! Not sure if I’ll be blogging from there or not, will see how I go. Might take a break, but then again…

Take care and happy adventuring!!

A windy day in Kitsilano

So yesterday I met up with my new friend from work Sophie and she took me exploring around her local area of Kitsilano. I hadnt been there before, so it was a great opportunity for me to get some good insider knowledge. First of all we met at the Art Gallery in Vancouver (after my meeting with the extras agent) and headed to Red Robin for lunch. They have some really nice burgers with big fries. We also got some freckled lemonade, which was incredible!

It has strawberries in a sugar syrup in a tangy lemonade. Soooo good!!

So after that we stopped in a few vintage stores and then caught a bus to Kits. We did a little shopping at Zulu Records (really cool record and cd store), Gravity Pope (awesome but expensive shoes), the Salvation Army thrift store and a few other little shops and then headed down to the beach.

Man, it was so windy!! We were almost blown away! I hadnt seen it like this before and it made walking a bit harder.

It was perfect for the kite surfers though, they were loving it!

We got a drink after all the walking and sat down for a little while.

You can see how bad the wind was! Look at my hair! hahahaha. I was glad to see that I wasnt the only one who was feeling the cold. And so on we went.
Sophie showed me some cool places and then we ended up at the Planetarium.

And lo and behold it was closed! Bugger!
Undeterred, we walked on to check out the 100ft totem pole that towered over the park.

Massive eh?!! Then Sophie showed me the community gardens and her old school. It was really interesting, and my feet were sore by the end of the day! hehehe.
I love exploring!!!

A rainy afternoon, hold the photos.

This morning was really rainy and cold, so I wondered what the day would hold for me. As I mentioned in my last blog, today meant a meeting for the first time with my old friend whom I have known online for 9 years. 9 years! That’s a really long time. A third of my lifetime actually! I didnt want to drag my camera out and freak him out with a load of blog shots, so unfortunately I have no photographic evidence but it happened!

I finally got to go to the Museum of Anthropology -which was really great! So many cultures and nations and artifacts, so many stories and lessons.

Then we did the typical Vancouver thing of watching the Canucks hockey game at Boston Pizza with a few of his friends. He teased me about my accent and so I teased him about his. I had a lot of fun and everyone was great. Many adventures were tossed about for the future, so we shall see!! I’m excited though! It’s funny when you have known someone for such a long time and then you meet them properly for the first time you arent sure what they’re gonna be like. I have to say though that he was… well just as great as I thought he’d be. Oh and I saw another squirrel, this time it was black! hahaha.

yep, thats my tree.

Wow, what a day! As time passes by and my countdown gets shorter and shorter more connections are happening! Last night my two lovely friends Linda & Stephen drove down from Brunswick to have dinner with me. It took them two hours in traffic, and I am so glad they could make it! I feel blessed that people want to fit in one last meet (after the official one I already had) before I head overseas. It means a lot!

And today meant a lot too! My favourite Aunty and Uncle (Gail and John) had a luncheon for me – Uncle John told me I could invite whoever I wanted. I thought it’d be nice to just have a small family gathering in the spirit of our regular meets. My family is only quite small anyway, so it was perfect! We had delicious food, lots of laughter and good conversation, great company and amazing dessert! I bought two small cakes from Houghtons fine foods – INCREDIBLE!! They were just perfect and you know how I love my desserts! Hehe. I wish I had taken a photo to show you all. I got the chocolate ganache tart and a blueberry & raspberry ricotta tart. To die for!

Just a short one to say thanks to all who came along – I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life (and even luckier to call them family!). With all the well wishes I have received I know everything is going to be amazing!!!
6 sleeps to go!

I still havent finished packing yet – I have too many clothes that I just LOVE and am finding it hard to part with! But I know that I have to fit it all in and leave room for anything I buy on the way! Haha. Thats what I’ll be doing tomorrow I think! Why is it so hard to decide?!!

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