You like paper? I like paper-ya!

Let me tell you about my purchases on Granville Island! I visited lots of funky little shops, one of my new faves is called Paper-Ya. If you are a fan of paper and stationary -this shop will blow your mind!! It has the funkiest stuff and all at pretty good prices too. Looky what I bought!

From the front it looks like that. And from the back it looks like this.

Already cool yeah? Yeah. Wait til you see the rest!

The three coolest things ever on paper – owls, ghosts and bears! LOVES IT!!! They are cute little notepads that would even fit in your handbag! Edit – Ok I just realised they arent ghosts, they’re jellyfish! Hahahaha Still super cool though!

Isnt it just the cutest!
And I also bought some pretty paper to write letters on, seeings I am a fan of snail mail and have some lovely friends back home to write to!

cute!! I cant wait to go back and look some more!


Granville Island and getting lost again.

Well today was a beautiful day, and I decided to make the most of it while I had a day off – your good luck paid off and I got the job! YAY!
Anyway, so I walked down to the bus stop and spotted another Robin!

This time I got a photo! Hehe. And then I waited for the bus to come.

The bus went over a bridge and we got a beautiful view of the city of Vancouver.

And then I got off a bit before Granville Island because I thought it’d be nice to walk around.

I followed where I thought I should be going and after a long walk I found myself here.

It was really pretty!

So it took me a little while to realise that the 10 blocks I’d just walked were in the wrong direction. Ok maybe 6 blocks but it felt like 10. I was somehow at Coal Harbour instead of English Bay. Then I turned around and walked the other way. Hahaha. Cue the first of many “ohhhhhhhh Alesha!” I made to myself today.

Ok, so then I did walk 10 blocks to get to English Bay, which was also very pretty.

Walking through the city was fun though, and it did remind me of Melbourne! There were a few homeless people asking for change but if you just ignore them they are harmless.
Then I found the Inukshuk!

Then it took me a while to figure out how to actually get over to Granville Island! hahaha. I ended up taking the little Aquabus over.

Everyone was out for lunch! I grabbed a burger and searched for some blueberry bread but I couldnt find any! There were lots of kitsch little shops with clothes and jewellery and paper! Very funky.

So after some more exploring I decided to head back to the “mainland” and got the ferry back. I had decided to find the SeaBus and get that back over to North Vancouver for something different, so after walking another 10 blocks I was a little tired. I am so unfit! hahaha.

That’s my ‘I’m soooooo tired’ face. What made things worse was that I couldnt for the life of me find out where to get on the seabus!!! I walked up and down the same street several times (and past the homeless people) and then ended up going in a shop.

Not that shop though – but look its a mountie! heheheh cool.
The lady told me it was where it said “waterfront station” but I went there and it was just a bus terminal. I just needed to sit down and I didnt want to walk past them again, so I went up some stairs and saw a little area people were out enjoying the sun in. It had a nice view, so I sat and recovered. After a few minutes I saw a sign that said “the station” and noticed the people filing in. I followed them and found…. THE SEABUS TERMINAL! Gee they dont put many signs up to help the silly tourists like myself! Haha. So yay, I got on it and then got a bus home. PHEW what a day!

As I was writing this up I noticed a big spider run past me across the floor. I freaked out, then I went and got a jar and caught it in there to show Tim. He said they get lots of spiders in the basement. Did I mention that my bedroom is in the basement? Hahaha yeah. Ah well, as long as they dont come near me all is good!

So that was my day, hope yours was fun too!