All the things she gets to do: hiking

So I finally got to do a proper hike! And by ‘proper hike’ I mean I wore my proper socks and proper shoes and it was a proper trail. Two tips for you: dont go on a big hike just after you have eaten fish and chips and make sure you remember to bring water with you. I’ll take those tips on board for next time! haha. I was unprepared!

Sophie was kind enough to show me this hiking trail, and it didnt disappoint!! The day was sunny and lovely, with just a little breeze (probably around 18 degrees celcius).

This was the start of the hike (after we’d walked up a huge hill) and I had no idea what to expect. Soph told me that there was an incredible view at the end, and that kept me going.

There were lot of people out – Vancouverites seem to make the most of the sun because they know it is often rare – and we were overtaken by many fit men and ladies! Most of them said hi, which was nice!

I wont lie to you, it was tough! There were some real steep hills and rugged rocky bits and all the ups and downs wore me out. I dont know if it had anything to do with eating right before (quite possibly). It was a beautiful walk.

And then, when my head was pounding and my feet were sore and my tummy was doing weird things Soph turned to me, smiled and then strode ahead. I grabbed my camera out as I knew that look meant we had arrived.

I turned the corner and BAM!

The sun was shining and everyone was sitting on the rocks to watch the view.

It was one of those moments I’ll always remember.


And so we sat and talked and watched the world go by for what seemed like hours. Deep Cove is amazing, and so are great friends!!


Day three

This was my entry for day three of my 365 day flickr challenge. I uploaded a few more photos from the shoot to my flickr page if you are interested. I am enjoying unleashing this creativity!!

I went for a hike around Deep Cove with my buddy Sophie today, I’ll post about it soon! I also want to show you my newest thrift buys.
Hope you all had a wonderful day, what did you get up to??

Capilano Suspension Bridge & Lunch

So Ed and I found a break in our schedules and managed to arrange another meet! This time we met up at Lonsdale Quay, and then went walking around to find somewhere to go eat some lunch.
Here’s his seabus coming in!

We ended up at Jagerhof Schnitzel House. The food was really good, it had been a while since I’d had a parma!
They had lots of stuff up on the walls like antlers and plates, creating a kinda homely feel.

This was my meal – a parmigiana special. The chicken was crispy and the sauce was really nice.

And here’s what Ed had to eat when he was taking a photo of my meal hahaha. It’s funny when two people who both blog meet up – especially with Ed as he takes so many photos. I take more of nature but he likes the people shots more.

And then dessert! We shared a ‘death by chocolate’ but it was a small piece so really we could have had one each.

So with full stomachs we headed to the bus stop to get the bus up to Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was pretty expensive, at more than $30! I have done the Lynn Canyon Bridge and I found it just as good and it is free!! But this is one of those things that you have to try out when you’re a tourist.

They had people dressed up in ‘old timer’ uniforms and were advertising the colonial days.
There were lots of totem poles around, I have seen quite a few now.

Then we found a bear that had stolen a mounties uniform! hahaha.

Thats me pretending to be dead.
And then the bear decided to nibble on Ed’s hand.

Ok so, enough with the silly stuff and onto the reason we had come. THE BRIDGE!

It’s hard to get perspective but it was a looong way up. Really high! And when you walk across it it shakes a lot!

They also have a treetop walk you can do, which is fun!

It looks really pretty down in the canyon but I dont know if you can get down there or not. Certainly not from where we were – it was way too steep!

After checking out a bit of the nature walk and watching some squirrels we walked back across the bridge and went to see what else we could do to get our $30 worth! I asked this guy for some help.

And he led me to this big checkers board, where I challenged Ed to a duel!
Round one featured us both being defensive with our checkers and that lead to nowhere to go. We hit a stalemate!!

What to do?

Start again!

We lined up all the checkers again and round two started off with a bang, and as the colors went around the board it looked a bit like this. And yes, I am red!!!

Another win to Alesha! hahaha yay! And another fun adventure with Ed. When we got back to Lonsdale Quay I got him to try a beaver tail and he LOVED IT! Hehehe. It’s always fun when being a tourist gets locals to try something new.

Take a walk on the wild side.

If you walk out the back door where I’m staying in North Vancouver, and wander down a little bit you come across a trail that looks exactly like this.

It is narrow and green, and lush and you almost cant see where it is leading you. That is half the fun!! If you follow it trustingly very soon you will come out to a much wider path and you will notice a field to your left.

I have been told that a bear was sighted around here, and also some deer. The only thing I have seen is a squirrel! Look, can you see it?!!

He wouldnt come down to say hi but I felt glad that I atleast finally got a photo! hahaha.

It was good to give my hiking shoes another little trial, and I look forward to really breaking them in soon!

I had to take a photo of this tree, you see how it looks like it was sprayed with green spray paint? That’s moss! Incredible. Gotta love nature eh?!! There’s really nothing like the smell of clean, fresh air and the spirit of adventure.

I have a few big trips on the horizon and I need to work out which one to do first! I really want to explore Vancouver Island – not just Victoria but around to Tofino and some of the other interesting towns. I am also keen to take a train down to Seattle and Oregon and explore all around there. Then there’s Banff and a trip to Montreal and Toronto. Wow, so many plans!!! I need to work out a schedule here hehe.

lynn valley: bridges and trails

The sun was back today and it turned out a lot warmer than I’d thought! That worked out well because I had decided to head up to the Lynn Valley Canyon Suspension Bridge & Ecology Centre. I have had a huge craving for some proper hiking, walking, exploring and wandering since getting here and it was time to satisfy a little more of that urge. When I left the house I had about 5 layers on, but I had to turn back and take 2 layers off and my scarf and gloves and beanie because it was hotting up!
Two buses later and a 1km walk and I arrived.

The great thing about the Lynn Valley Bridge is that unlike the Capilano one it is FREE! 🙂 The bridge was really narrow and when you walk along it it actually shakes and swings back and forth. Here was the view looking down.

The air was so fresh walking along with all the trees, thats definitely something I’ve noticed about Vancouver in general. Amazing trees = lots of fresh air.

I cant really explain to you how green everything is, there is moss growing ontop of moss and it’s so pretty. I was walking along the trails and looking out into the immense forests. I was imagining all the animals that I might stumble across, or that might stumble across me. I thought of bears and wolves and all of the animals that could eat me and the first nations tribes who used to live around here. If there hadnt been a pretty constant trickle of people around I could have got quite lost in those thoughts and my imagination.

There was a gorgeous stream where I sat and wrote in my journal for a little while. Yep, still thinking about animals hahaha.
After quite a while I noticed that there were several inukshuks on the other side of the river.

I tried to open my eyes up (and my mind) and really see what was around me.

Check out the moss on this tree!

Then I backtracked a bit and came along some stairs that went down, down, down.

I knew it was going to be tough on the way back but I thought it would be worth it. I also decided that I need to buy some proper hiking shoes as my basic sneakers dont really do much! haha.

So I walked for a while until my feet were starting to get wet through my shoes and I headed back. The stairs were tough on the way back up but I kept going and even ran up a set. Parts of the walk reminded me of some rainforests I’ve been to in Australia! That surprised me and made me smile.

On the walk back to the bus I fell in love with this blossom tree.

It was a really great adventure!

As always there are more photos on my flickr!

Hike on down to the stream

Step One – Park your car.

Step Two – Find the trail.

Step Three – Follow it to the stream.

Step Four – Hike along and try to spot some wildlife.

Well…. I did see a Robin! Thats a start anyway!