Sunshine and fir trees

It’s pretty amazing when you go to the shops and this is your view.

I made today my ‘jobhunting’ day, so I went to the local mall and took my resume. I have an interview tomorrow and one for next week too, plus lots of applications. Cross your fingers for me!!

The only thing about new shopping centres (and this one in particular) is that its not easy to find shops and I think I walked past the same guy in the same shop about 10 times -back and forth. He was looking at me as if I was either crazy or just walking past to look at him. Hilarious!!

The buses are expensive over here, I just bought a month pass, which is one zone (only north van) and it cost me $81. Otherwise it’s $2.50 for 90 minutes. That’ll eat a hole in your pocket! You know what else is expensive? Cell phones! They charge you for incoming and outgoing calls AND if you go outside of van they charge you roaming rates! You could use them in the whole of Australia and no roaming! Ah well, I guess it’s all part of life over here.

It is such a beautiful day today in Vancouver. The temperature is I believe 16 degrees celcius and the air has warmed up a little bit to the point where I had to take my scarf and gloves off and undo my cardigan! Hehehe.
We have a gorgeous little deck out the back (where you can go for a walk along a trail into the forest area). I just sat out there and soaked up the sun, eating my apple.

I really want to go for a hike and find some other animals!

I get to go to yoga this afternoon, it has been far too long!! I believe the class is called ‘flow’ so hopefully it’ll be good. I miss my Iyengar Yoga!!

Hope your day is as lovely as mine!