Photo walk -south yarra

Ok this is the last of the backlog! On Monday night, after work I thought I would do a quick photo walk around the area before I move out, so here are the photos. I went down the street I have called home for a year and over to the botanic gardens. Pretty!!

The gardens have been open for a long time and I always wonder about the stories it would have seen! So many romances and adventures! I love sitting in the gardens and watching people, thinking about their lives and how we are all connected. I watch the trees and the birds and soak up the sunshine. I renew my spirit and a smile creeps upon my face. I LOVE NATURE!!

I had a lovely walk, and this area will always have a special place in my heart. From what I have seen they are the nicest gardens close to Melbourne.

If you have keen eyes you may spot that yes, I am wearing my fave dress again! haha. It was my last day, so I wanted to go a bit special!


All a blur in the city

I took these photos whilst on the way back home from dinner with friends. Enjoying being a passenger and watching the city pass me by.

Sometimes we forget to stop and look around at all the every day beauty we take for granted. Take a moment out of your day to stop, breathe and really look for a change. It’s amazing what you might see!!

the view

Say what you like, there is no doubt that melbourne is a beautiful city and I will miss it.

I love my city

..and I love my town. I have been lucky enough to live and work near the city (Melbourne) during the week and then come and stay with mum down the coast on the weekend for a while now and I love it!! With my departure coming quickly I have been appreciating the best of both worlds, and would like to share some of my fave photos of the areas.

* Sunset at Dromana in summer. I remember salty sand, cold water and yummy icecreams. Growing up near the beach was a wonderful thing, and weekly family fish and chips every friday night after a swim.

My pics 005

* My fave view – Seawinds gardens. Many a time over the years I could be found sitting on a blanket, with a picnic and just enjoying nature. With a view like that it really helps to put things into perspective.


*Melbourne – this is a shot of the iconic trams and flinders st station. I remember growing up down the coast – an hr and a half from the city – it always filled me with awe to go to the city. Everything was so exciting, and busy, and there was a real pulse and atmosphere. I still see that now.


I love new adventures, and exploring around new areas. You never know what amazing things you will discover!

I hope that everyday is a new and fun adventure for you!