North Shore, mail and creating.

After speaking of my love for first nations culture I found myself invited along to brunch with some family friends at a place called Tomahawk Restaurant. It was a total coincedence that we ended up there as someone else had chosen the location but I was blown away. There were carvings and photos and basically any first nation thing you could think of on the walls. It was a great introduction. Apparently there are a few festivals and cultural things that go on right near where we are that I can go along to. Oh also it looks like I might get to go to the roller derby next month! 🙂 I actually just saw whip it on the plane to Japan – so thats pretty awesome.

After brunch we went to the “dog park” on North Shore.

It’s just basically a walkway near the water where people walk, skate and take their dogs off the leash. Everyone talks to each other and the dogs love it!

I still cant get over those mountains.

I am loving the sun, I want to bottle it up and take it with me.

I got a photo of the yellow buses!

I realise that most of this stuff probably isnt interesting to a lot of people but hey, it is to me! It’s all new and sparkly. hehe.

So then Georgia took me to this shop.

The only Tommy Haas I know is a tennis player – but apparently this one is a famous pastry chef and chocolate maker and the place was PACKED! There is a macaroon upstairs with my name on it!

So then when I got home I started creating some things.

Georgia reckons I’ll be able to sell my creatures easily, so we’ll see! It’s fun to make some more anyway.

Oh and I have some mail to send out!

I have seven parcels to send to 7 special people – hopefully I’ll get to the post office to mail them very soon! Keep your eyes peeled, my friends and family!!

Back to creating!