Travelling on the prince of whales.

One of the big things on my to do list was seeing Orcas. I have watched many nature documentaries and often seen these powerful beasts hunting seals and even dolphins. I always dreaded being in the water near where they are. So when I booked my Victoria trip I decided to go whale watching too. The Prince of Whales is the whale watching boat/company that I travelled with on my whale watching adventure.

That was the last photo I took with my digi cam before the battery died completely. Bad luck yes. But luckily I knew that it was running out and so I bought a disposable film camera with me too. I just got it developed and put onto disk so I can share some of those photos with you. It had been so long since I had worked with film! The anticipation of wondering how they’d turn out is something you just dont get with digi cameras and I liked remembering that.

So I learnt a lot on the tour. It went for three hours, I was sitting up on the top deck outside and an older english couple chatted to me for most of the time. It’s funny how English and Australians seem to have an easy connection.

The water was quite calm and although it was freezing we were lucky in the fact that it was perfect spotting conditions and it didnt really rain. Our guide was really informative, he had been in the job for a while and loved the environment and the animals. He told us that there are actually 3 different types of Orcas – each with seperate DNA (even though they look the same). The first are the RESIDENTS – they live in family groups around the same areas and they eat salmon or fish they never eat mammals. Next we have the TRANSIENTS – they roam around in groups and these are the ones that track and hunt mammals – seals, dolphins and even small whales. He said that they have been known to attack a baby humpback whale and then once they have eaten the tongue they leave the rest of it for other creatures to eat. Lastly we have OFFSHORE and these ones eat mammals too but they live in the middle of the ocean.

First on the tour we saw TRANSIENTS – he thought they were hunting porpoises but thankfully we didnt see anything.

Then after a bit of watching them we decided to head to see the RESIDENTS. We found them around San Juan Island, hunting salmon that were coming out from the river into the ocean. There were lots of them around, but unfortunately we couldnt get too close due to the fact it was a US island.

It was amazing seeing these creatures up close. They were so majestic, it was magical.

Then on our way back we got news of a humpback whale sighting and were very very lucky to catch sight of it too. The only thing about film is that you cant zoom so these look really far away but we were actually a lot closer than it looks.

It was such a wonderful trip, if you get the chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat then please do so, you wont regret it.


Stanley Park and last nights view.

Yesterday I rocked this outfit.

I got comments about my tights, they were such a bargain at the sample sale for Sportsgirl where I used to work in Australia.

Last night on my way home I walked out of the shops and was greeted by this view. It’s one of those things that makes you stop and think “yeah, this is right for me.”

It was so unexpected too, but after walking into the crisp night air the lights were magical! They were in the cherry blossom trees and also the other trees had icicle lights that shot blue up and down them.

This morning we went to Stanley Park to make the most of the warm weather.

Unfortunately the windy sea air was freezing, so we didnt stay as long as we’d planned.

They’re really all about warning people about the raccoons eh? Rabies? Come on now. I dont want to pet one, just seeing one would be nice.

We got to see another side of the bridge, an the view was pretty awesome.

Then I took a moment to look up at the trees and take a photo of the tops of them. They were swaying about like boats in the harbour on a windy day. They seemed so content.

Next stop was the park, and I had a bit of a play on the swings. I didnt go too high, but just sitting there swaying reminded me of the walks I used to do in summer with Cat near work and the kiddy swings we found.

I have been here in Vancouver for two weeks now (my goodness it feels like so much longer), and I feel like I’m only just stating to scratch the surface to find out whats underneath it all. I’m finding this journey a lot easier than I thought – which I think is due in a big part to the awesome homestay family I’m living with. They have been nothing but lovely, accomodating and supportive. They understand that sometimes I need to hide in my room and crawl back in my shell or go on adventures alone, but other times I love to have some company and explore with friendly faces. I’m a strange one, but thats half the fun!

Tomorrow should be an interesting day – I’m supposed to be meeting up with an old internet friend whom I first met on Napster about 9 years ago. Yeah, we go way back. Infact he is actually my oldest friend – in that he has known me for the longest. He’s actually younger than me. The last few years it’s been one of those friendships where every few months you send a “hi, how are you? Just checking you’re still alive” kind of email. In reality- though I feel like I know him well (as it’s been so long) theres a huge amount of stuff that I dont know. And he probably feels the same way. Should be fun! Hahaha.