Through the window -outfit post!

Alrighty, it’s high time for an outfit shot! I thought I’d take advantage of my hotel room this morning before I up and leave in an hr or so for the final time.

Now here are some funny self closeups.

Dress – night owl by Annelise for Sussan
Top – sussan
Slip – thrifted
Tights – black from sussan and purple from a sample sale
Boots – Myer
Hairband – reworked -it was a sash from a dress
Necklace – gift

The sun is out again today! But I’m hoping it’s not as windy as yesterday. On the news it said that there were 100km winds at one stage and several boats were washed up on Kits beach. I’m watching the trees outside my window and they dont seem to be moving to much, so it should be ok!

I took a few photos the other night from my window of the progression of sunset and night coming. Thought it’d make an interesting photolog.

Have a lovely day!!


Rain washes things clean

It rained a little bit this morning, so I wanted to take a photo while the drops were still falling. It’s amazing how nature gets refreshed and renewed from a little rain. Just like the feeling after you have a drink of water when you’re thirsty. Nice!!

Do you like my masquerade mask? I thought it’d make a nice prop with the setting. I made this mask for Kristy’s party. It didnt take too long, but I was worried about the beads falling off! Luckily the glue stuck really well and it stayed in place all night. This is one of the outfits I’ll be leaving at home after my third repack! I wanted to get another wear out of it because I do love it. Truth be told this is actually the first time I have worn the dress as it was waiting to be fixed in one of my creative bursts. The dress is vintage, and it had huge bell sleeves which I cut off so I could wear it with a long sleeved tops underneath (like the stripey one in this photo). Then I sewed (not too badly) where I’d cut the sleeves to give it more protection.

Every now and then I have a brainwave about an outfit I have gotten and I’ll cut it or sew something on it or just take it apart. Sometimes it works really well and other times… well it finds the bin! I love being creative!

You may have noticed that I love my dresses! That is mostly what I wear, but I do have some skirts and pants too. I just find it easier to wear mix and match outfits with dresses. Then you can choose a contrasting top or vest or cardi or tights and work it together! I think with packing now I have narrowed down my dresses to under 10, that was hard!! Haha. I accomplished my to do list yesterday – sold my car and bought an overnight bag. Packing is 99% finished! YAY!

So… three sleeps until I get on that plane and head off to Japan – and in a week I’ll be in Vancouver, Canada! It is still slightly surreal, but very exciting! I also got my international driving permit today, so I can drive on the wrong side of the road overseas if I want! hahaha. That will be a little scary and very interesting. Just thinking about all the adventures I will have makes me smile, I cant wait!!
If you see a lost Aussie wandering around and perhaps carrying way too many bags then come and say hi!! 🙂