some little snippets from the week

We found some giant sparrows in the city.

Ed ate a free sample at Whiterock beach on his birthday.

We walked along (and under) whiterock pier

We ate at milestones in West Van.

We went to a pow wow.

This was such an amazing experience for me. I got to dance with first nations dressed up in all their traditional regalia. I took it all in and I loved every minute of it.

Many more photos from my adventures on my flickr page, as usual.


Random Flickr Find

Originally uploaded by mary_robinson

Ok it’s time for another long overdue random flickr photo find! This one is Mary Robinson, and she is one talented young photographer. I cant believe she is only 16! What a future she has!

Looking through her photos I was struck by the way she has captured such atmosphere and interest in almost every frame. It was hard choosing just one photo to post, so please check out her flickr for more.

A drop in the ocean

Hello! I have about three blog posts in the works, so bear with me! I have to upload some photos to go with each of them too. In the meantime I’d like to share another random flickr photo with you.
Click here to view more photos from buteijn.

What you can expect to read about later? My late night alleyway adventures, my magical creature creations and my awesome friends and going away dinner last night.
One more day of work (monday) and then 2 weeks at home before my adventure. Woah indeed!

Have a fantastical weekend!

A distinctive sound

I had a moment the other day. You know those moments when you hear a certain song and it grabs you, it literally knocks you right off your chair. You know that you have heard it before somewhere and it affected you back then too but for the life of you you can’t quite place the wheres or the whens. So you just sit there, on the floor, and listen to this hauntingly beautiful song. For a few moments, somehow, your life has changed. And then the song finishes and the light disappears, and if you are lucky it leaves you with a glimpse. You have a few words to google or a melody to hum to someone else for investigation. Yes, that all happened to me, and I found the song. I remembered where I had heard it, and I was able to get the album.

The song was called ‘Let Go’ by Frou Frou -and it was in one of my all time fave movies ‘Garden State’. And the album? It is magical.

flickr finds

Here’s something to help you beat the middle of the week blues. Random flickr shots!

This one just makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket next to a fire. Click this link to see more of brandoncwarren’s work.

And this one makes me want to run around in the dark and dance! Click to see more of minililimis work.

happy hump day!

Back to work

It’s always hard going back to work when you’ve had an extra day off. Or atleast it is when you know that the work you are doing isnt what you want to be doing. Still, I cant complain because I only have to go in to work for 4 more days until I finish up. Monday will be my last day, then I have two weeks at home preparing, packing and organising before my trip! Soooooo exciting!!

I forgot to post this photo of my friends from yesterday.

At work today the buyers were presenting the fashion samples they had bought on their latest buying trip overseas – and it just made me want to SHOP! haha. That 3 day stopover in Tokyo/Kyoto I have first may just come in handy.
Happy shopping, campers!!