Thrifting buys and hiking boots

Before I get into the fashion, let me show you my latest creature creations!

These two were a commission for a baby shower this weekend, so that’s pretty cool.
My first commission!! Luckily I brought along my sewing stuff in my suitcase.

The bub is going to be a boy, so I wanted to keep the colors appropriate and yet not be too typical.

What do you think of Owley and Raccoon?

I was quite happy with the results 🙂

Ok, so onto the thrifting! I bought three dresses, one blazer jacket and a sweater.

I made some little sewing changes to each of the dresses, and am really happy with the results!!

Alrighty so first up we have this blue dress.
I didnt have to do too much with this one, I just sewed the collar down after the third button to open it up a little bit.
It has gorgeous pleating on the skirt, and is so easy to wear.

Then next I bought this polka dot wrap dress.

Ok, so this one I gathered a little bit on each side just above the chest. This also opened up the top and helped make it more flattering on my shape, it also gave a little bit of a different look.

The camera fell down a bit from my homemade tripod, hence why I have no head in this shot! Haha. I didnt realise until after I got changed, but I kinda like the power shot.
Then the showstopper!

I saw this on the rack and at first I was like “woah!” but I tried it on and something about it suits me perfectly!
I did a few alterations to it first – I took the shoulders up a bit and also removed the shoulder pads. This made a big difference and then I gathered it at the front a bit like the polka dot one.
I think it worked well!

Apparently the dress looks “very 1989” hahaha.

I dont know but there’s just something about it I really dig! Maybe because it is so different to most of whats out there, and it has rope on it and it is red!

Oh I must show you the blazer!

I didnt outfit this up and it didnt need any alterations, this one fits me perfectly. Infact so much so it’s almost like it was made for me! I got a smile when I looked inside and noticed a little tag.

And it is fully lined and 100% wool. Love it!!!! Not bad to get all of those buys plus a sweater for $35.

And with the money I saved I bought a proper pair of hiking boots. This is essential for all my nature/hiking adventures! They were actually the cheapest pair in the store, so I got a bargain too! I wore them in a bit today and they felt good. Mountain Equipment Co-op is an awesome store and I am now a proud lifetime member!

Here’s to more hiking!


creature creations

Due to popular demand here is my little post about my creature creations. For a while back there I started creating some new little friends. I was inspired by various things, and wanted to see what I could do. So I bought some felt, stuffing and a sewing kit. Grandma gave me a jar of vintage buttons to use too! And off I went. I was planning on getting along to some markets to sell them but I never got there. I did start an etsy but I was a little lost.

Now I have to admit that I have never seen a real raccoon before, so I am looking forward to that!

I decided to invent a new creature with this one… I guess its a kinda deer/badger hehe.

And owls – so many owls. I have a real soft spot for them, and have made many to give to friends as a gift!

I’m thinking I might get back into it and create in my spare time in Vancouver.