change clothes and go

Hello there!! Ok this is a long overdue long ago promised post about some clothes stuff.
I had promised a photo of the vintage dress I bought in Victoria, so here goes.

It’s so pretty and when I wear it I feel like such a lady 🙂

Also, remember this dress I thrifted a while back?

Well here is the end result of my sewing!!

I guess maybe you cant see it all that good in the photo but I cut the collar and then bunched up the bottom and hemmed it strangely.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been working a lot and lost a bit of motivation to post here to be honest. Anyway, hope you are all well.


Victoria Day Parade and wrap up

Alrighty so let me continue where I left off!
In the morning when I went down for breakfast I noticed that the streets were quiet but that there were people and families setting up chairs and blankets by the side of the road. I then realised how big this parade was going to be. After eating I rugged up with my scarf and jacket and gloves and headed out into the street. There were huge crowds and the parade had started!!

The floats were hilarious! Everyone was waving and having fun.

I’m not sure what the requirements were for being in the parade, but every average joe seemed to be there!! Local business owners and a lot of people had come across from the USA to perform.

Even the mysterious stonecutters/freemasons made an appearance! I forget their real name.

There were cheerleaders,floats, bands, bagpipes, flags bearers, dragons, everything you can imagine!!

I watched for about an hour but they were still going strong for a lot longer. I decided to head to the Royal BC Museum, which was absolutely amazing!!! There are 2 levels of exhibits and so so so much to see. They have diaramas of animals in their native habitat.



Awesome!! They have a ship you can walk through, old towns with artifacts set up that look so real. They had a huge section on native first nations and there was an area with different masks that featured narration by the people with stories etc. I sat there in the darkness listening to them speak and I cried. It was incredible.

So then I decided to go back and buy some art from the market. I got there and there was only about 3 stalls left, but one guy was selling the carving that I wanted to buy. After standing there for a while he told me I could pick it up and so I did, and told him I wanted to buy it. He smiled at me and asked me where I was from. I told him Australia and that made it easier for me to ask him a few questions. I asked what clan he was from, how long he had been carving and who taught him to carve. I walked away feeling better about things, and with a beautifully carved hummingbird.

I decided to get a sundae from an old soda shop I walked past, so I got one called Muddy Sneakers which was choc and vanilla icecream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, cream and marshmallow on it. WOW it was yum hahaha.

I also went thrifting and ended up finding a vintage 70’s floral dress from a consignment store for $10. Bargain!
And that was pretty much my trip.

Thrifty buys at bargain prices

The other day I went to my fave thrift shop to see if they had any new vintage items that I might like. Once again I found myself trying several things on and walking away with a couple of purchases! It’s such a good little shop for finding bargains!! I like the idea of thrift stores, and although often you have to go through a lot of bad stuff when you find the little diamonds of good things it makes it worthwhile! Vintage is fun.

I dont normally find much I like in the handbag department, but this time this one shouted out to me. It screamed ‘I need a home, I have a story.’

I know it’s vintage but I’m not too sure how old it is. It’s the cutest thing though, and I cant wait to use it.

Next I spotted this cute scarf.

It’s such a folk thing, but I love it! I like thinking about the people who use to own the items, and wondering what their life was like.

Now onto the dresses! Once again they probably dont have much hanger appeal, but I will outfit them soon and see what I can do with them.

I already took the huge white bow off the front of this one, not sure if it needs anything else. I’ll try it on again and figure it out.

What interesting things have you bought lately?

And they call me a wanderer

I went on a thrifting mission yesterday! Very exciting! I actually came away with about 6 things too, so I’ll do a seperate post on them in the next few days. I also bought some hiking boots which I will cover in that also.

I started the adventure down at Lonsdale Quay, where they have a huge market that I found myself avoiding again.

Then I headed for the thrift stores I had seen when I went by on the bus the other day. They were on the main strip in Lonsdale Ave and very busy so although I tried a few things on I felt like the best stuff had gone. I asked the shop assistant if she knew of any other stores around the area and she gave me a tip about one several blocks away. I decided to go and see!!
On the way I passed several beautiful things.

After some more wandering I found a beautiful spot with wildflowers and falling blossoms and did a little impromptu photo shoot there. I cant imagine what all the people walking past thought I was doing in the garden but I didnt care. I was lost in my own adventure world! Haha. It was fun!

Dress – sussan
Tights – myer
Scarf – sportsgirl
Boots – easy steps

Then in the afternoon I got to sit and contemplate by the water and watched some harbour seals from far away. I love my relaxation and contemplation nature time, it is so important. And I got to go to my first Iyengar Yoga class in North Van. Boy did it feel good to get back into it! Iyengar is intricate and detailed and sometimes brutal but I find it’s worth it. It’s all in the detail! Gee it was a warm night last night for vancouver, I only had two layers on! Hahaha. I think it got to 20 degrees celcius yesterday.
Bring. It. On. is all I can say!
There are a billion more photos on my flickr as usual too, so check it out if you’re interested.

My favourite vintage find

You know when you find a piece of clothing that makes you feel amazing – you put it on and instantly you feel different. Prettier. More feminine. Funkier. Happier.Vintage_Lady_

Last week I was lucky enough to find one of these. I picked up a vintage 50's dress from a sample sale at work (one of the benefits of working in fashion) for $5. I tried it on and it fit me perfectly, giving me the illusion of 50's curves. It is flowy, the skirt part is pleated and it makes me feel like I am a woman. Gotta love that. The material is also gorgeously soft, and durable. It doesnt crease when I sit down and it has a beautiful blue floral pattern. I wish I had a photo right now to show you.

I am looking forward to discovering a whole new lot of vintage goodies when I get to Canada. There just doesnt seem to be much quality stuff in the thrift shops around Australia (something about us being a young nation or something maybe).