car free day festivals

So the other week I met Edwin and we went down to check out the car free day festivals! “What are they Alesha?”, you ask me. Well basically once a year a few popular shopping streets/areas close down a busy street to cars and make a festival of it with performers and food and market stalls. HELL YEAH!!!!

We first went to Commercial Drive and then ended up at Main Street (or vice versa I cant remember).

There were all kinds of street performers like these crazy people. I have no idea what their story was! haha.

I even saw a police officer walk past who would have been close to 7ft tall. Ok maybe 6ft 5 but he was HUGE!!!!! So I was standing waiting to meet Ed and then I thought that he might be trying to sneak up on me. He has this thing with friends that when they meet up one of them tries to “shoot” the other one with a pretend gun. He told me this a while ago and ever since then I make sure to use my stealth and shoot him. EVERY TIME. And yes, again I saw him walking through the crowd and I ran behind him and then went “pow, pow, you’re dead.” hahahahaha. He was so annoyed that I killed him again! Sorry Ed, I am just STEALTH!

And then we went to get some food. Tim has told me to try this french dish called Poutine for ages and so Ed was game to get some with me. Poutine as Tim describes it is “french fries with cheese and curds and gravy.” It never really appealed to me. Ed and I both ordered the meat poutine, so that aleast it would have some meat and vegies to soak it up (that was the plan). Here is what came out.

WOAH indeed.
I’m not a fan of cheese curds. I didnt think I would be, but atleast I tried.

Snapped Ed as he was about to take a photo of his too. Ahhhh bloggers.

And so because Ed got the poutine I had to get his dessert, which was a deep fried mars bar. I have heard talk about it for years but was never game enough to try. Today was my day.

It was really quite strange. It was ok. The mars bar was a little melted and the pastry batter thing was really hard. Personally I prefer snickers to mars bars as I like the nuts hehe.

Then we came across some derby girls!! Ed loved this, as he has never seen them before. Haha!!

Oh AND we went into a kids shop and Ed found a new umbrella. There was a small lightsaber one and then this bigger samurai sword one. HILARIOUS. He was like a little kid in a candy shop.

Funny moment was when a man approached us with his son and told Edwin his son has been running after him saying “that guy has a sword!! a sword!! can i touch it?” hahahahaha.

Oh yes and then we came across these intoxicated people dancing. Ed yelled at them to keep going all day.

I bought a ring and a necklace. It was a fun day!!!


Anyone for a float? Lunch at a diner!

The other day I got to fulfil another one of my goals and eat lunch at an almost proper “diner”.
Ed and I met up for a rainy day movie (date night -it was funny!) and then headed down for some food to Hamburger Mary’s Diner in Vancouver. It was all decked out!!

I was tempted by the root beer float but seeings the title combines beer, which I think is gross, and root (potato?) I passed. Instead I got a cola float, I dont normally do cola but it was authentic so I went with it. Ed got a milkshake.

It wasnt too bad, I think next time I’ll try the root beer. Ed says its a bit like sasperella.

And then for lunch!!

The portions were HUGE! I got a patty melt with chips (fries) haha I still refuse to call them fries when I order them. They’re chips! And it’s tomato sauce! hahaha. And ed got a steak sandwich.
It was good!!! It needed beetroot though 🙂

I got a pic of Ed before he got one of me! haha. And yes, this time he beat me to the punch on writing this up on his blog. Nicely done. It’s always fun to catch up with Ed – he’s an interesting guy.
Later on I headed down to Park Gate and joined Ed for a free yoga session ran by his friend. It was good, but a bit advanced for me. There is no way I can do the crane!!

I felt like if I did I was going to break my wrist. I really have no muscles, but I do enjoy yoga. Haha.

So the week of really nice weather has died and now it seems to be back to cold, rainy and windy. I’ll post about the taping of the tv show I got to go along to last night a bit later.

Hope your week is going well!!

Danny Bhoy at the Vogue

Firstly – sorry about all the changes lately – header and theme. I think I am settled now. I just had a bit of a ‘need something new that fits me’ moment. I have them quite often you will notice.

Alrighty, so I debated for quite a while about whether to go to this or not. Danny Bhoy would have to be, undoubtably, one of my fave comedians. I have seen him in Australia atleast 4 times over 4 years – I go along to a show every year at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. I have his dvd live at the Sydney Opera House and I have watched it many times. I know a lot of his lines. But the prospect of seeing him in another country was something I just couldnt pass up. So I bought three tickets and just had to work out who to take with me.

No-one I know over here had heard of him, but my old friend Dan said he’d go and so did his g/f Tiff. Sold!
And so it was that I headed downtown to grab a bite to eat with them first before the show. Dan suggested Cafe Crepe which, very handily, happened to be almost right next door to the Vogue theatre where the gig was.

I ordered a nutella/banana crepe, cranberry juice and chips (fries). Alas I have no food shots to show you but here is one of Dan and Tiff as Dan was inhaling a lemon from his Long Island Iced Tea Pitcher.

The food was great! And our server happened to be an Aussie girl who I found out was from Perth. We had a good chat and it was nice to hear the accent again!

And then Dan decided to pose with the lemon some more. Funny guy!
I think this was after our indepth sci fi stargate analysis about SGU. We’re just a pair of geeks. I felt sorry for Tiff! Hahaha.

So after the meal we headed to the Venue, on the way I filled them in on the downlow about Danny Bhoy.

There was a HUGE lineup outside, luckily we had seating but I think as there was a show just before they couldnt let anyone in early. It seemed to be sold out or atleast pretty full, so thats pretty good for Danny Bhoy -he isnt as well known out here. In Australia he usually sells out pretty early.

So we took our seats in Row 10 and waited for the man to come out.

There was no flash photography so I had to take this one without. Sorry it’s a little fuzzy – he kept moving! haha. The gig was really good. It was interesting to see him use some of the jokes he’s used about Australia and just convert them over to Canada. “I was in a hotel room in Australia..” became “I was in a hotel room in Canada..” I suppose it doesnt matter where the joke was set.

So I was feeling quite game and when Danny Bhoy mentioned Australia I went “WOOOO”. He laughed and then a little later mentioned Australia again. Yes, I said “WOOOO”.
And he goes “Are you from Australia?”
I said “YES!”
Then he made a few Aussie jokes, I was cool with that. He said “What pub are you working at.”
“Where in Australia are you from?” he asked.
“Melbourne.” I said.
“Whats your name?” he asked.
“Alesha.” I yelled.
“Felicia?” he enquired?
“No… AAAALEESHA.” I said.
He stared blankly and then someone nearer shouted “ALESHA.”
He goes: “Oh ALESHA?”
I said “YES!”
He goes “It’s your accent!”
Then he said “So how long are you here for?”
I think I said “2 years”
And he said “ok.”

Then every now and then he’d mention Australia and he’d go… “oh I was in Karratha – in the west of Australia, do you know that Alesha?”
And I said “yes, near Perth.”
And he goes “No. Let me educate you about your own country.”

Then later he said “Do you know the botanical gardens in Melbourne, Alesha?”
And I said “YES!” (I actually used to live right near them)
Then he told the joke about the laid back nature of Aussies and the possum.

It was such a great night, I think Dan and Tiff enjoyed it too – they seemed to be laughing a lot!

After the gig Dan drove me home but first he went to get the guitar that he has at his place, so he lent me that in the hopes that I’ll do an open mic night while I am here. I must admit it has been nice playing again, so we shall see what happens!!

Oh I saw another raccoon the other night too – it was HUGE! Like the size of a medium dog! I think it keeps getting bigger every time I remember it! hahaha.

If you get a chance to go to a comedy show then please do, they are a lot of fun and laughter is beneficial to your health.

Rock em at the roller derby

I had been looking forward to this day for so long! I kept hoping it’d come and I kept my fingers crossed. Yes, I got to cross another thing off my to do list. I got to go and see the Roller Derby!!!!

I decided that it was the perfect day to wear my newest vintage dress, and took along my vintage handbag too. Before we left I did a little shoot, as promised, to show you how I styled it up.

Dress – vintage thrifted

Purpley Blue Tights (worn under the black) – American Apparel

Black Tights – Myer

Belt – Sussan

Hair Flower – Sportsgirl

And off we headed to Richmond to see the terminal city rollergirls play. I have to be honest, I dont think I had even heard about this sport until I read about the movie Whip It. Watching it on the plane flight over here inspired me even more! I had no idea what to expect or how realistic the movie was. For a bit of info on the sport click here.

First thing that hit me was that this is a flat track -not a raised track like in the movie. The crowd was really alternative and really into the action. I love how the roller girls get to make their own personas and outfits, some of the names were quite funny.

The sport is just as full on as I thought it’d be. There were girls being knocked over left, right and centre.

Some of the jammers go around the track so quickly it almost looks like this.

It made me want to get back into rollerskating, I havent gone in about 10 years! haha. And I could see myself doing some rollerderby and unleashing that – but I think I may be too scared of breaking some bones.

We got to see 4 teams race, and I couldnt even tell you which was my fave or who won.

It was just all very interesting, the colors, the characters and the injuries!! I bet they all have lots of bruises.

**Post Note** Since I posted this I have had more than 13 visits from the terminal city rollergirls forum. There must be some sort of linkage going on?!! If you’ve visited me from there please drop a line to say hi!

Finding some magic in the woods

I went for a hike through some hidden paths and into the woods. I didnt know where the path was leading me, and I felt like I was an explorer out on a lifechanging adventure. I walked past trees and shrubs and around corners until I came across something that stopped me in my tracks.

I found my new fave place, a place so magical that I didnt see anyone around. I felt so invincible and happy that words cant describe it. My imagination kicked in and I picked up some sticks that were on the ground and started to pretend they were swords. If only I had someone to challenge!

The trees whispered to me, and I lingered here, drawing breath as deeply as I could and taking it all in.

I tried to hone my senses to any forest creature that might be around and soon after I spotted a squirrel.

I had the feeling that everything in my life is as it should be. I am in the right place. I am doing the right thing. I am listening to my gut and making the right decisions. I felt amazing!

I wanted to write poetry, I wanted to write a story – the creative juices were just flowing incredibly! And maybe that adventure started the wheels turning and is part of the reason why I took up the 365 day flickr challenge.

All I know is that this place has gotten under my skin and into my heart. I am already longing to go back there. I wonder if it will be just as magical when I return?

Oh and I really need to make life easier for myself and buy a tripod for my camera! haha.

A bus, a ferry and a train to Van Dusen Gardens

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! The sun was shining, and it was quite warm out for Vancouver- possibly even 19 degrees! Hehe. So I made the most of it and headed out on an adventure!!

I caught the bus from where I’m staying to Lonsdale Quay, where I got lunch. For dessert I got the pavlova and thought I’d write my review of it here seeings as it’s an Aussie thing (although NZ claims it).

Ok so yeah it looks nice. The big thing about Pavlovas is the meringue – it has to be just right. It should be crunchy on the outside and really soft and melting in your mouth on the inside. This one was chewy. Chewy meringue doesnt work well with pavlova, it ruins the whole consistency. Ah well… it wasnt too bad and it reminded me of home. Speaking of.. I tried marmite. It’s weird. It does taste a bit like vegemite, but there is just something different that I cant name. Also, they have cheesymite scrolls at cobs bread. I wonder if they use vegemite for this? It tasted the same as the ones back home. I mentioned before that Cobs Bread looks the same as Bakers Delight in Australia and if you click on the link it says that they are Aussie franchises!! Awesome.

Anyway, back to the adventure! haha.

So after lunch I got the seabus (ferry) to waterfront station and from there I got on the canada line train to Oakridge station. I dont know where the drivers sit in the train because at the front it’s all windows, so if you sit there you can see a lot but there seems to be no room for the driver. On the seabus it’s the same, but I noticed they seem to stand in a room on the middle left of the ferry instead. Strange!
When I arrived at my station I walked!!

I took some photos of the interesting houses in the area as I walked along.

There was a huge field where some kids were playing soccer. You can see the mountains in the background.

It looked like fun!
And on I walked until I came to some steps and had one of those ‘oh I can put my camera there and take some outfit photos’ moments.

Dress – Thrifted
Cardi – Target
Top – Sussan
Tights – Myer
Grey Necklace – sample sale
Bambi Necklace – Diva
Boots – Easy Step

I finally got to wear my fave thrifted dress that I mended!!

It got so warm that in the end I had to take my cardi off too! Now thats a good thing, and rare so far! haha. Bring on summer!!

So after I finished my impromptu photo shoot I headed in to the gardens!! It cost me just under $10 admission for the day, not bad I say!

It was beautiful to just leisurely walk around, I had nowhere I needed to be and no-one to impress. I took so many photos of the gardens, I will load them to my flickr. There were different sections that featured native plants and trees from different areas and there were so many flowers!!

There were little hidden paths (I am in LOVE with these) away from the main paths that wandered through the bushes for a while. You couldnt see where they were going but that was part of the fun!

It’s hard to get perspective from the photos but literally only one person could walk along them and they would be hidden by foliage as they turned the corner. Magical!

It really was quite spectacular. You could spend the whole day wandering around, or just sitting on a picnic rug under a tree. It reminded me of home a little!

Lots more photos on my flickr! hehe.

On the way back through Vancouver I took a photo of granville st – right near the waterfront station and gastown.

Gotta love days like these!!

coming up… the entertainment calendar

So what’s on the entertainment schedule coming up?

I am so happy to say I will be seeing Imogen Heap perform next month in Vancouver. I am in love with this clip and song! It’s called Hide and Seek. She is certainly a talent.

And now I can also say that I will be seeing The Swell Season in Van in August too. The movie ‘Once’ has been one of my faves (thanks mum!) so I look forward to finally seeing them live! I chose this song to show you because I can admit to singing along in the car to the lyrics many times over directed at my ex. Hahaha.

Next week I get to see one of my fave comedians – Danny Bhoy!! I’ve seen him several times in Australia, so it’ll be fun to see him in Vancouver! And I get to take my old friend Dan and his girlfriend along for the ride. Here is a clip from an Aussie tv show Danny Bhoy was on.

And lastly I managed to score some free tickets to the Van taping of ‘The Hour’ (which is a canadian show) – cant wait to go along and check it out!! It seems to be a popular show here, and I have watched a few little things to see and I think it looks good.

EXCITED for all of my plans!!

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