Stanley Park and last nights view.

Yesterday I rocked this outfit.

I got comments about my tights, they were such a bargain at the sample sale for Sportsgirl where I used to work in Australia.

Last night on my way home I walked out of the shops and was greeted by this view. It’s one of those things that makes you stop and think “yeah, this is right for me.”

It was so unexpected too, but after walking into the crisp night air the lights were magical! They were in the cherry blossom trees and also the other trees had icicle lights that shot blue up and down them.

This morning we went to Stanley Park to make the most of the warm weather.

Unfortunately the windy sea air was freezing, so we didnt stay as long as we’d planned.

They’re really all about warning people about the raccoons eh? Rabies? Come on now. I dont want to pet one, just seeing one would be nice.

We got to see another side of the bridge, an the view was pretty awesome.

Then I took a moment to look up at the trees and take a photo of the tops of them. They were swaying about like boats in the harbour on a windy day. They seemed so content.

Next stop was the park, and I had a bit of a play on the swings. I didnt go too high, but just sitting there swaying reminded me of the walks I used to do in summer with Cat near work and the kiddy swings we found.

I have been here in Vancouver for two weeks now (my goodness it feels like so much longer), and I feel like I’m only just stating to scratch the surface to find out whats underneath it all. I’m finding this journey a lot easier than I thought – which I think is due in a big part to the awesome homestay family I’m living with. They have been nothing but lovely, accomodating and supportive. They understand that sometimes I need to hide in my room and crawl back in my shell or go on adventures alone, but other times I love to have some company and explore with friendly faces. I’m a strange one, but thats half the fun!

Tomorrow should be an interesting day – I’m supposed to be meeting up with an old internet friend whom I first met on Napster about 9 years ago. Yeah, we go way back. Infact he is actually my oldest friend – in that he has known me for the longest. He’s actually younger than me. The last few years it’s been one of those friendships where every few months you send a “hi, how are you? Just checking you’re still alive” kind of email. In reality- though I feel like I know him well (as it’s been so long) theres a huge amount of stuff that I dont know. And he probably feels the same way. Should be fun! Hahaha.


Hey lady, I like your dress!

Yesterday was magical! I got to spend the day with my numero uno bestest buddy Kristy – she took the train an hour and a half from the city to meet me at the nearest station and then I drove us around. The weather man said it would be 29 degrees celcius, but the morning was so cold I didnt agree. I was wrong! haha. I ended up having to strip off my jeans and long sleeve top – which left me in my dress. And guess who was wearing the same dress, but in another color? Yep, Kristy. Great minds eh? Hehehe.

After a lovely lunch I took Kristy down to my local beach in Dromana.

Boy that sun was warm! If the water wasnt so cold we may have even jumped in!

Hey Kristy, nice dress! Hehehe. So we went for a little frolicking in the water and walked along to the pier.

The pier is really special for me for several reasons – the biggest one being that when my beloved pop Clyde passed away 5 years ago we granted his wish and threw his ashes off the end and into the ocean. Every time I see the beach I’m reminded of him and what a great grandfather he was.
Next stop was Seawinds Park at Arthurs Seat. This is my fave place and where I like to go to contemplate the world.

I could stand there and watch the world all day! Luckily the gardens were so much cooler, so we chillaxed in the shade for a while.

Kristy said “ooh look, its all the types of trees you’ll see in canada!” I smiled.

I tried to soak up every moment that I could, knowing that this would be the last time I’d see Kris in quite a while. She is such a wonderful person and I have been blessed to have her in my life.

After much talking she mentioned she had always wanted to go to a maze and had never been! It was a dream of hers! Well I was here to make her wish come true! Lets go Kristy!!

Look how excited she is!!! Hahaha. Sooo cute! I’d been to this place several times before so it was nice to go again and pretend we were kids!

Kristy just gets me like no-one else can. We are both crazy fools! haha. I made her jump the barrier to get this shot – isnt it gold!!!

We had such a fun day (in our matching dresses) that I will always treasure! Kristy gave me such great advice about travelling overseas (she backpacked around europe a few years ago). I hope that I get some interesting stories like the ones she tells me all the time! She certainly has a way with words!

She left me with a beautiful card and quote that I might share later. Thanks Kristy, for everything!! xx

the view

Say what you like, there is no doubt that melbourne is a beautiful city and I will miss it.