come sit by me

Whenever I see a seat like this in a park it just makes me smile. I like to sit myself down and watch the world go by. You never know who or what is going to walk past you. Sometimes you’ll see a bird, sometimes a young couple out enjoying the sunshine. Nature and life can be beautiful – but now and then you have to look a little bit harder to see it.

This will be my last blog post from Australia! It’s been a long time coming and I am finally on my way. My flight leaves in 22 hours, so today will be spent running around with last minute things (and soaking up the last day with my mum). I’m hoping to blog from Japan (internet connections willing) very soon!! As I’ll be travelling around the country for the next week I might not be able to reply as much as usual, but I will definitely get back to you when I can. I’m taking my laptop away with me so you can expect to be kept up to date with all the usual things along the way.

Thanks so much for your company!
Now, grab a seat and hold on tight! The adventure has only just begun…


A drop in the ocean

Hello! I have about three blog posts in the works, so bear with me! I have to upload some photos to go with each of them too. In the meantime I’d like to share another random flickr photo with you.
Click here to view more photos from buteijn.

What you can expect to read about later? My late night alleyway adventures, my magical creature creations and my awesome friends and going away dinner last night.
One more day of work (monday) and then 2 weeks at home before my adventure. Woah indeed!

Have a fantastical weekend!

past weekend

This past weekend was lovely. I spent it just relaxing and catching up on things I wanted to do. I watched a lot of the winter Olympics coverage – I’m fascinated by the inside look at Vancouver (you can understand why) and also by some of the sports themselves. I have been particularly fond of the ice skating/dancing, bobsled and short track speed skating. If I try to analyse what these have in common I would say action, beauty and something with a visible danger risk. I don’t know what that says about me! Haha. I can take the ice skating back to my grandma, who shared with me not only her love of that, but also opera! The bobsled I can take back to an old movie I used to love – you may have heard of it. Cool Runnings! And the short track speed skating – well maybe you can trace that back to when Aussie Stephen Bradbury won gold that time by staying upright when all the others fell. Whatever it is, I have been enjoying it!

 I also managed to do a little shopping and gardening, and I did some work on this blog! I changed over to wordpress because it seemed so much easier, and has a lot more options! I like to change the background and things to make it more personal, and I think I have accomplished just that.

 My lovely friend Kristy came around on Friday night to check out my furniture to see if she’d like to buy any for her place! Seeings I am moving overseas indefinitely I thought it’d make sense to sell as much of my stuff as I can so as to not have to leave a heap with Mum. I think I managed to sell my dining table & chairs, and my two cute lil bookshelves – and I may have some luck with my couch and chest of drawers too! Fingers crossed. I’d love for them to go to a home where I know they’ll be appreciated J I might also lend Kristy some of my art, as I think that art should be displayed and appreciated, and it would be sad to keep them hidden in storage. I do love my art, but unfortunately I don’t think I can pack them in my suitcase!

 Now onto an outfit shot! This is in my true mix ‘n match style. Someone once said to me “I can just imagine you in the wardrobe choosing what to wear. You’d say ‘now, what is the least likely outfit to ever go together? this, this and this.’ And then that’s what you would wear!” I don’t know if I am THAT bad. Hahaha.

 Fuzzy, action shot!

Top – Sussan

Vest – Sussan

Skirt – thrifted

Boots – Myer

Tights – Sportsgirl

Here is a close up of the different patterns.

A lot of my wardrobe is filled with stuff I got from work, but when it is free or cheap that’s a good thing!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!