change clothes and go

Hello there!! Ok this is a long overdue long ago promised post about some clothes stuff.
I had promised a photo of the vintage dress I bought in Victoria, so here goes.

It’s so pretty and when I wear it I feel like such a lady 🙂

Also, remember this dress I thrifted a while back?

Well here is the end result of my sewing!!

I guess maybe you cant see it all that good in the photo but I cut the collar and then bunched up the bottom and hemmed it strangely.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been working a lot and lost a bit of motivation to post here to be honest. Anyway, hope you are all well.


Rock em at the roller derby

I had been looking forward to this day for so long! I kept hoping it’d come and I kept my fingers crossed. Yes, I got to cross another thing off my to do list. I got to go and see the Roller Derby!!!!

I decided that it was the perfect day to wear my newest vintage dress, and took along my vintage handbag too. Before we left I did a little shoot, as promised, to show you how I styled it up.

Dress – vintage thrifted

Purpley Blue Tights (worn under the black) – American Apparel

Black Tights – Myer

Belt – Sussan

Hair Flower – Sportsgirl

And off we headed to Richmond to see the terminal city rollergirls play. I have to be honest, I dont think I had even heard about this sport until I read about the movie Whip It. Watching it on the plane flight over here inspired me even more! I had no idea what to expect or how realistic the movie was. For a bit of info on the sport click here.

First thing that hit me was that this is a flat track -not a raised track like in the movie. The crowd was really alternative and really into the action. I love how the roller girls get to make their own personas and outfits, some of the names were quite funny.

The sport is just as full on as I thought it’d be. There were girls being knocked over left, right and centre.

Some of the jammers go around the track so quickly it almost looks like this.

It made me want to get back into rollerskating, I havent gone in about 10 years! haha. And I could see myself doing some rollerderby and unleashing that – but I think I may be too scared of breaking some bones.

We got to see 4 teams race, and I couldnt even tell you which was my fave or who won.

It was just all very interesting, the colors, the characters and the injuries!! I bet they all have lots of bruises.

**Post Note** Since I posted this I have had more than 13 visits from the terminal city rollergirls forum. There must be some sort of linkage going on?!! If you’ve visited me from there please drop a line to say hi!

Thrifty buys at bargain prices

The other day I went to my fave thrift shop to see if they had any new vintage items that I might like. Once again I found myself trying several things on and walking away with a couple of purchases! It’s such a good little shop for finding bargains!! I like the idea of thrift stores, and although often you have to go through a lot of bad stuff when you find the little diamonds of good things it makes it worthwhile! Vintage is fun.

I dont normally find much I like in the handbag department, but this time this one shouted out to me. It screamed ‘I need a home, I have a story.’

I know it’s vintage but I’m not too sure how old it is. It’s the cutest thing though, and I cant wait to use it.

Next I spotted this cute scarf.

It’s such a folk thing, but I love it! I like thinking about the people who use to own the items, and wondering what their life was like.

Now onto the dresses! Once again they probably dont have much hanger appeal, but I will outfit them soon and see what I can do with them.

I already took the huge white bow off the front of this one, not sure if it needs anything else. I’ll try it on again and figure it out.

What interesting things have you bought lately?

Thrifting buys and hiking boots

Before I get into the fashion, let me show you my latest creature creations!

These two were a commission for a baby shower this weekend, so that’s pretty cool.
My first commission!! Luckily I brought along my sewing stuff in my suitcase.

The bub is going to be a boy, so I wanted to keep the colors appropriate and yet not be too typical.

What do you think of Owley and Raccoon?

I was quite happy with the results 🙂

Ok, so onto the thrifting! I bought three dresses, one blazer jacket and a sweater.

I made some little sewing changes to each of the dresses, and am really happy with the results!!

Alrighty so first up we have this blue dress.
I didnt have to do too much with this one, I just sewed the collar down after the third button to open it up a little bit.
It has gorgeous pleating on the skirt, and is so easy to wear.

Then next I bought this polka dot wrap dress.

Ok, so this one I gathered a little bit on each side just above the chest. This also opened up the top and helped make it more flattering on my shape, it also gave a little bit of a different look.

The camera fell down a bit from my homemade tripod, hence why I have no head in this shot! Haha. I didnt realise until after I got changed, but I kinda like the power shot.
Then the showstopper!

I saw this on the rack and at first I was like “woah!” but I tried it on and something about it suits me perfectly!
I did a few alterations to it first – I took the shoulders up a bit and also removed the shoulder pads. This made a big difference and then I gathered it at the front a bit like the polka dot one.
I think it worked well!

Apparently the dress looks “very 1989” hahaha.

I dont know but there’s just something about it I really dig! Maybe because it is so different to most of whats out there, and it has rope on it and it is red!

Oh I must show you the blazer!

I didnt outfit this up and it didnt need any alterations, this one fits me perfectly. Infact so much so it’s almost like it was made for me! I got a smile when I looked inside and noticed a little tag.

And it is fully lined and 100% wool. Love it!!!! Not bad to get all of those buys plus a sweater for $35.

And with the money I saved I bought a proper pair of hiking boots. This is essential for all my nature/hiking adventures! They were actually the cheapest pair in the store, so I got a bargain too! I wore them in a bit today and they felt good. Mountain Equipment Co-op is an awesome store and I am now a proud lifetime member!

Here’s to more hiking!

Rain washes things clean

It rained a little bit this morning, so I wanted to take a photo while the drops were still falling. It’s amazing how nature gets refreshed and renewed from a little rain. Just like the feeling after you have a drink of water when you’re thirsty. Nice!!

Do you like my masquerade mask? I thought it’d make a nice prop with the setting. I made this mask for Kristy’s party. It didnt take too long, but I was worried about the beads falling off! Luckily the glue stuck really well and it stayed in place all night. This is one of the outfits I’ll be leaving at home after my third repack! I wanted to get another wear out of it because I do love it. Truth be told this is actually the first time I have worn the dress as it was waiting to be fixed in one of my creative bursts. The dress is vintage, and it had huge bell sleeves which I cut off so I could wear it with a long sleeved tops underneath (like the stripey one in this photo). Then I sewed (not too badly) where I’d cut the sleeves to give it more protection.

Every now and then I have a brainwave about an outfit I have gotten and I’ll cut it or sew something on it or just take it apart. Sometimes it works really well and other times… well it finds the bin! I love being creative!

You may have noticed that I love my dresses! That is mostly what I wear, but I do have some skirts and pants too. I just find it easier to wear mix and match outfits with dresses. Then you can choose a contrasting top or vest or cardi or tights and work it together! I think with packing now I have narrowed down my dresses to under 10, that was hard!! Haha. I accomplished my to do list yesterday – sold my car and bought an overnight bag. Packing is 99% finished! YAY!

So… three sleeps until I get on that plane and head off to Japan – and in a week I’ll be in Vancouver, Canada! It is still slightly surreal, but very exciting! I also got my international driving permit today, so I can drive on the wrong side of the road overseas if I want! hahaha. That will be a little scary and very interesting. Just thinking about all the adventures I will have makes me smile, I cant wait!!
If you see a lost Aussie wandering around and perhaps carrying way too many bags then come and say hi!! 🙂

wear this, where this?

Dun nun nuuuuun.
Time for another self outfit post. Naturally I am kidding myself in thinking these posts are all that informative and interesting but hey, I amuse myself hehe. Forgive my photo taking skills, still working on getting that tripod!

I find that taking photos outside makes everything look much more fun!

I cant believe how long my hair has gotten! I have been growing it for a while and am loving the length! I also put a little red tint in it (which as usual didnt come out anywhere near as red as the box!) haha.

I love how sepia or black and white just add something unusual to photos.

cardigan – target
dress – vintage
jeans – sportsgirl

I’m loving this interesting vintage dress. It has so many colors that it matches with everything! I wasnt going to take it away with me but after wearing it today I feel like I might be changing my mind! haha. Although mum says it reminds her of an apron but sometimes she doesnt get my sense of style! hahaha. I actually donated about 2 garbage bags full of clothes to the salvation army and op shops that I just havent worn and got from work over the years. Gotta love a good cause, and I am a big believer in karma!
Hope you have a lovely day!

creature creations

Due to popular demand here is my little post about my creature creations. For a while back there I started creating some new little friends. I was inspired by various things, and wanted to see what I could do. So I bought some felt, stuffing and a sewing kit. Grandma gave me a jar of vintage buttons to use too! And off I went. I was planning on getting along to some markets to sell them but I never got there. I did start an etsy but I was a little lost.

Now I have to admit that I have never seen a real raccoon before, so I am looking forward to that!

I decided to invent a new creature with this one… I guess its a kinda deer/badger hehe.

And owls – so many owls. I have a real soft spot for them, and have made many to give to friends as a gift!

I’m thinking I might get back into it and create in my spare time in Vancouver.

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