Late night craziness in Kyoto

Good morning, my friends!! I had a lazy, slightly crazy night last night and before I run off to breakfast I wanted to tell you about it. I was so worn out after my big day of walking that I decided to get room service and watch a bit of Japanese tv.
There wasnt much choice on the menu, and as usual with room service the fees were slightly up. I decided to stick with something I knew after the lunch episode so this is what I ordered!

Now I know it wasnt too Japanese but boy let me tell you how delicious it was! I ate them all. Yep, every one. I even ate most of the ‘spicy avocado salad’ too. Japanese tv is interesting to watch! I couldnt understand what they were saying but there seems to be so many game shows that I didnt know about! I had heard that they were big over here though. The only english language tv station was BBC news – and after an hr of that you get pretty sick of it. So I turned the tv off and decided to go to bed early. After an hr of trying to sleep my mind was racing over today, yesterday and all the things I’d done and had planned to do. I couldnt sleep, so I decided to get up and try on the complimentary ‘dressing gown’ and slippers they provide you with. And yes, then I took some photos. Here is one of me trying to do a karate chop. Yep, I’m a dork. It’s not news to me! haha.

So after some playing around I went back to bed and got a good sleep. I’m in for a crazy day today. After checking out of the hotel I have a few trains to catch and then I’ll get to the airport and pick up my suitcase and then get on the plane to Vancouver. You can expect a big post once I get there! Hopefully everything goes well but I know one thing – and thats that it’ll be an adventure! And what an adventure it has been so far!!


a long farewell – part two

My friends are the best! So yes, Friday night I had my going away dinner at de los santos spanish tapas restaurant in fitzroy. It was such a good night! Even though some of my friends didnt know each other everyone got on really well, there was much laughter and discussion amongst the group. I’ve never been one of those people who has lots of close friends, I have been burnt many times and have learnt to choose my close pals wisely. Every single person who came along has been an important part of my life and I feel blessed to know them.

My bestie Kristy took that photo, so unfortunately she isnt in it – but here is one of us together.

I didnt get any real photos of the food but it was amazing! They just kept bringing it out! Cheese balls, chorizo sausage salad, roast potatos, calamari, bread, more salad, frittata and more stuff I cant even remember! Then they finished with churros and choc dipping sauce. My churros came out with a sparkler on them too, which was way too cool. Thankyou, my lovely friends!!

It isnt often that you find people who you can chat about the weather to, and then in the next minute talk about how society is degrading itself in its endless search for perfection. Oh yes, we can go deep when we want to.

I think sometimes you have to go through crap and be let down and walked upon to really pick yourself up and appreciate realness and truth when you see it. I know what real friends are. I have been there and I know.

So it is going to be hard to leave my beautiful friends, but I love the fact that they can keep up to date with my adventures in this blog and we have email and skype too!

Here’s to strengthening old friendships and creating new ones along the way!!

a long farewell -part one

I have decided to split my friday night post into two because otherwise it will be way too long!
Friday night was my going away dinner with my bestest city friends. Oh, it was a wonderful night!!
I will start you off with some outfit shots, I got ready at work and left from there (had a few mishaps on the way but thats another story).

Naturally I had no tripod, so you’ll have to forgive these shots. You get the idea anyway! I was wearing my ‘95% dress’ as I like to call it. It’s the one I almost wore to my brothers wedding (until I found my 100% dress that I was completely happy with) so I thought I should give it an outing too. It has these gorgeous panel ruffle things and the color seems to change from silver to blue to purple in different lights.

Dress – Myer
Cardi – Sussan
Tights – Myer and Sussan
Necklaces – Sportsgirl and Sussan

I like to wear two pairs of tights together when it’s colder, usually a colored one underneath (this time gold) and then a black one ontop with holes or patterns that let you see the color below! Yeah, I’m strange like that. Heh. But it’s warmer and it looks interesting!!!

You can see it better in that photo.

So eventually I drove to my friend Linda’s house and waited in the car for her for a while (we got our wires crossed and she is always late -whereas I’m always early haha). I have often found myself waiting for Linda outside but I dont mind as there always seems to be something happening in her street! This time there was a weird guy walking around and also someone in a truck pulled up for a while. Then I watched the birds and thought about what different birds I might see in Vancouver. Here was my view.

So then eventually she came and we by the time she got ready we left late and I was freaking out that the restaurant was going to give our table away (lucky we had booked) or start bringing out food and we werent there but I calmed down when we arrived. Sort of. Hahaha. I dont know why but I have always had this thing with being on time or early I think that was Mum’s influence. Reliable and all of that!

Anyway, so we got there and everyone ended up being late too so it was all good.
To be continued…..